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Haitian Dr. Florence Duperval Picked as Harvard's 2013 Health Leader

Dr. Florence Guillaume Duperval, Haiti's Minister of Public Health and Population (MPHP), recently received an honorary award from the Kennedy School of Government. She has been chosen as a 2013 Harvard Health Leader. The recognition is seen as an acknowledgement of her creativity in carrying out her duties as MPHP.

The Harvard School of Public Health's Advisory-Board Chairman, Dean Julio Frenck, notified Dr. Duperval in a congratulatory letter of her selection. He wrote Dr. Florence Duperval had been given the honor because of her strong and effective initiatives in administering to Haiti's poorer communities. He extended the Kennedy School of Government's invitation to join the Harvard Ministerial Health Leaders' Forum (HMHLF) in June 2013, its second annual gathering.

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University Of San Francisco (USF) Awards Honorary Doctorate to Me Mario Joseph

Honorary Doctorate in humane letters was presented to the Managing Attorney, Me Mario Joseph of (IJDH) Institute for Justice & Democracy Bureau des Avocats Internationaux (BAI) in Haiti. Stephen A Privett, S.J. USF President declared that Mario Joseph was extremely devoted to his career.

A Legal Voice for the Oppressed

He stood up for victims of injustice as a human rights attorney. He has provided legal voice to all those who had been silenced by the oppression by his personal and deep commitment.

The entire community of USF and graduates are sure to gain inspiration from this, he declared during the graduation ceremony where he conferred the honorary degree on him. He addressed this to more than just the graduate and undergraduate USF College of Arts and Science students at the graduation ceremony.

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Haitian-Canadian Alix Renaud receives the Prize Personality literary

Haitian-born literary artist Alix Renaud has received the Prize Personality Literary award for his contribution to the field. The Canadian Institute of Quebec awarded the prize to Renaud as part of its Award of Excellence for Arts and Culture in a bid to recognize his exemplary work in the fields of writing, poetry, linguistic and journalism. For more than 40 years, Renaud has been active in the world of literature and this did not go unnoticed.

During his career in Canada, Renaud, who is also the 2007 Prix Charles Biddle winner, has worked in almost every aspect of literature. From writing to linguistics, Renaud contributed greatly to the advancement of literature. The institute, upon giving out the award, praised Renaud's dynamic presence and the significant role he played in Quebec's literary world.

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Colette Lespinasse Received Richard C. Holbrooke Award by Refugee International

The efforts of Haitian activist Colette Lespinasse have not been in vain. She has labored tirelessly for the last 20 years to fight for the rights of Haitian refugees who have relocated to the Dominican Republic as well as Dominicans who have been treated unfairly while in Haiti.

Lespinasse has finally been recognized by Refugee International, which has awarded her the coveted 2nd annual Richard C. Holbrooke Award together with a $5,000 token in appreciation of her work. The award was created to honor those who demonstrate beyond any reasonable doubt that they are committed to ensuring fair treatment of refugees, with protection of all their human rights.

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Michel Martelly received Great Cross of the Order Gil Colunje award in Panama

Michel Martelly the president of Haiti recently visited Panama City where he was crowned and honored with one of the highest awards ever given to foreigners. This is the Great Cross of the Order Gil Colunje award which is given to those that have proved to be great achievers and those working for the welfare of their country.

Michel Martelly was recently at the 3rd Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Caribbean to Gros Islet (St Lucia) where immediately they left he went to panama to receive this award. In his acceptance speech he said that the award rejuvenated his admirations and plans for his country where he was totally dedicated and focused into achieving what has been rejected from the country for a very long time and which is a good leadership.

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