Difference between Diplomatic Immunity and Moral Obligation in UN, Haiti Cholera Case

Regardless of what angle you are looking at it, we all can agree there has been great injustice done to the Haitian population with the introduction of the Cholera epidemic in Haiti by the UN. May be some are still ensure on whether or not this illness was a gift from the UN to us. In this case let's analyze the facts. Several independent studies support this claim. The only group so far who would not admit to that is the United Nations themselves.


Suspecting that their claim of not being involved "Ni De Pres or Ni de Loin" with the Cholera outbreak in Haiti, last week, the United Nations secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, rejected a legal claim for compensation filed in 2011 on behalf of cholera victims in Haiti, stating that they were "not receivable" because of the United Nations' has diplomatic immunity.

"Diplomatic Immunity"

What does that mean? "Diplomatic Immunity"

How did the United Nations manage to obtain "Diplomatic Immunity"

Who has this huge power to give the United Nations this broad, unlimited, unchecked, power called "Diplomatic Immunity" over the entire world?

Picture of the Nepalese camp in the central town of Mirebalais, Haiti.

What are the countries that are likely to pay for this as the United Nation put itself above any law or moral principle?

The United Nations has a moral, if not legal, obligation to help solve a crisis it inadvertently helped create in Haiti. The evidence is overwhelming that they are largely responsible for the cholera outbreak that has killed over 8,000 Haitians and left more than 646,000 more ill since October 2010.

The United Nations has not acknowledged its culpability. As it is the case with many people with drug problem, the first step in recovery is to acknowledge the problem and say:

"C'est Ma Faute"

"C'est Ma Faute"

C'est Ma Tres Grande Faute".

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Jacky Pierre says...

They are in Haiti with a puppet government...those Officials in this government care about to keep their job....

making as much money they can....they don't care about nothing else. Whatever they decimate, they are doing mass ...

in Haiti.

They don't care, they will help them also doing it. It's time for us Haitian People to do our best elect a progressive Leader to offer us respect, dignity and prosperity.

Life to Jean Bertrand Aristide...The only one for right now....Life to Haiti...

we will

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Subject: Difference between Diplomatic Immunity and Moral Obligation in UN, Haiti Cholera Case edit

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