Haitians en Route to U.S. Embassy met barricades, tear gas

Another day of protest came and went in Haiti. Thousands of Haitians demonstrated on November 29, 2013 to demand that President Michel Martelly steps down.


This time the objectives of the protest were to ask the US Government to stop supporting the government of Michel Martelly and also to commemorate the election day massacre in Ruelle Vaillant.

Senator Moise Jean Charles wanted to meet uncle Sam; However, it did not happen. The group that went to march in front of the US Embassy met instead Riot police who blocked the area with barricades water cannon.

"We want the the US embassy to get rid the president the Americans installed in power" said a participant.

As it is to be expected, the protest turned violent.

Demonstrators met police with tear gas. They set tires on fire and broke broke some car windows. It has been reported that four demonstrators were taken into custody following the protest

American embassy - Video

One group that was heading Friday to the U.S. Embassy

President Barrack Obama reaction: We will continue working with the Haitian Government to rebuilt Haiti

The second group that went to Ruelle Vaillant to mark the anniversary of an election day massacre that took place 26 years ago

Haitians rally in Port-au-Prince to denounce "US interference"

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Soulshadow55 says...

Martelly was elected by the majority of Haitians.

He should be allowed to complete his term in office.

That is the democratic way. All of this rioting only keeps business from coming to Haiti and destroys property keeping already poor people

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Subject: Haitians en Route to U.S. Embassy met barricades, tear gas edit

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