How Haiti can make good use of all these former Presidents

By May 14, 2011 Haiti will have a record number of former presidents in the country. It will be the first time that happen in the history of Haiti.


Former Haitian President Boniface Alexandre is in Haiti, living a quit life. We recently have two controversial former leaders who made celebrity comeback to Haiti in 2011: Jean-Claude Duvalier and Jean-Bertraned Aristide. By the end of his term on May 14, president Rene Preval will join the list of former Haitian presidents as well.

How can Haiti make good use of all these former leaders?

The "Haitian Joudalist" has some suggestions:

We should give Jean-Bertrand Aristide the responsibility to run our Department of Education. Since he has the qualification and already stated that was his plan once he returns to Haiti; there shouldn't be any problem for him to accept that responsibility.

The "Haitian Joudalist" will create a new position for former president Jean-Claude Duvalier. He will be in charge of the "Truth and Reconciliation Committee", with the responsibility to encourage all former criminals to publicly admit their crimes and to ask the victims for forgiveness.

The "Haitian Joudalist" would leave the position of Media Coordinator to Haitian President Rene Preval once he leaves office. Since he had such a big deficiency throughout his administration communication with the Haitian press, it will allow him to understand the importance of communication and also help future Haitian governments to do better in that area.

How about you?

How do you think any of the former Haitian presidents can best serve their country at this time, in particular:

Jean-Claude Duvalier?

Jean-Bertrand Aristide?

Rene Preval?

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Nestor Mateo says...

I rather say:

"None of the above".

They all had their chance to make a good government for Haiti and the Haitians, including some of former Haitian presidents have ruled the country for more than once, and they cannot be recognized for doing the best job that they should have done.

I would be inclined to create a task force of national and foreign personalities, specialists, engineers and technicians, it is, an interdisciplinary team composed of people from different levels and specialties, to prepare a national development plan, as never before has been made in Haiti; which shows that in Haiti "Yes It can be done"; that ensures the participation of small producers in the countryside and the urban areas (farmers and small industrialists); which add value to agricultural products that are not with exportable quality; that guarantees the introduction of Fair-Trade practice; that ensures training facilities, financing and guaranteed market for local production and, finally, that ensure the real welfare of the people in need.

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Guy Jean-gilles says...

Baby Doc should be put in charge of the toton macoute.

Aristide should become a real priest & preval should be send in a farm where he will be able to do what he was born to

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Sispenpale says...

Pariaj de $68000 pou Michel Kont $8000 pou Mirlande
Mwen vle parie $68000 US kont $8000 US ak nimpot moun ki konpren Miland pral ginyin.

Map fel ak Preval ou Senate Lambert ou Senate Latortue ou Leslie Manigat ou soi nimpot moun nan CEP ou Jude Celestin ou nimpot lot moun.

Pren kontak avek mwen epi nou pral pote kob la ale nan ninmpot radio ayitien ak jounalis prezen ou soi nap bay king kino kino kimbel ou Wyclef kimbel ou soi nap bay CEP kimbe pariaj la apre sa nap ten deklarasyion superoficiel la le 16 Avril ou 20 Avril ou 18 Mai

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Light Force says...

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Mwen vle parie $68000 US kont $8000 US nimpot moun ki konpren Mirland pral ginyin.

Map fel ak Preval ou Senate Lambert ou Senate Latortue ou Leslie Manigat ou soi nimpot moun nan CEP ou soi nimpot lot moun.

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Babytitid says...

(Of the voters that voted on Sunday-March 20th the 'T' Numbers are for Martelly and the 'M' numbers are for Mirlande.

Remember 'T' is for Tet Kale and 'M' is for Manman You draw your own

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Feminbeknou says...

Secret info from OEA said Sweet Micky won the election by 68.8%.

This is the news of the day. Althought everyone in Haiti is trying to hide it, it is obvious that Michel martelly wan the Haiti Run-off election.

Someone highly placed in the OEA organization and in the Ste Department revealed that Michel Martelly won the election with

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Basdos says...

Did I say Ira Kurzban was a dirty Jew, withou scrupules that will do anything for money?

Yes, he is Aristide's

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Basdos says...

It is so sad. Aristide has done so many horible things to his countrymen and it would be very vexing to see him now occupy any position of power in Haiti.

Aristide's approach to governing was like Khadhafi.

Either you are with me and I am your president or you are against me and I kill you. Small thinking, like old tribal thinking, as if because someone does not share his ideas, then they must suffer.

How sad. You know, in democracy, the state finances the opposition and pays its salary as the oposition has a role to play for the good governance of the whole country.

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Jean says...

man in 1991 J.B.A. was the first elected haitian president he should been like madela but we know how destroy or we know how to let people destroy what we have(T. louverture our black pig our coffee cocoa sugarcane our history)but our time will come, I have great hope that one day me and you will understand each other for the better of the"perle des

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Bell says...

That's a very good idea, I love it, what I said concerning aristide is simple dear Jean, put him as head of education will not be accurate because of his past behavior, I can even say he's a criminal, he has a bad mentality, you know that before he came to power he did not have a penny, now he stole public funds and be with Kettan who is the god father of his first daugther, then create Ronald (cadav)cubain pour les faire assassiner en suite, puis Jean Dominique etc, j'estime qu'il y a autres choses que jba pour l'education

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