Huge Development and Tourism Plans for Ile a Vache, Haiti

Most of the recent developmental agendas relating to Haiti pointed out to one common aspect - tourism. Haiti is blessed with Ile a Vache island located off Les Cayes' southeast coat. Spanning over an area of 52 sq. km. this island, as mentioned by Tourism Ministry, is the final frontier of true Caribbean treasure. The Ministry of Tourism is aiming towards developing a sustainable tourism industry in Ile a Vache that will help to improve the standard of living for the locals and at the same time, open doors for cross-border tourism.


The aim of the Ministry of Tourism is to create a low-density development focusing on eco-tourism while highlighting areas like history, agro-tourism and cultural heritage that will cover 20 beaches that are mostly deserted. The plan also includes solar-powered electricity-run vehicles instead of regular cars. The Ministry plans on attracting investors from countries like wider Caribbean, China, Qatar and Dominican Republic.

Anse Dufour close to Madame Bernard village will be the first site to experience developments and is the proposed site for villas and bungalows. Creating a touristic village by the name 'Village of Mary Anne' is also included in the plan that will house cafes, restaurants, markets and galleries. Agro-tourism component aims towards a community farm creation that will be run and managed by the locals of Ile a Vache but will allow the tourists to actively participate in activities related to agriculture.

The overall plan also includes enforcing environmental protection standards that will preserve fish habitats and coastal mangroves. The types of travellers that will be targeted will include wellness travellers, Hiatian Diaspora members, romance travellers and adventure travellers & explorers.

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