Child Slave and Trafficking Statistics

The child slave trade has been growing exponentially during the last decade.


After landing in the streets, 2.8 million juveniles are snatched by pornographers. Nearly 1 million children are forced to prostitute themselves. What is even more horrific is their extreme youth, averaged at age 12.

Within U.S. borders, 200,000 juveniles are at peril for being exploited within the sex trade each year. It is estimated child trafficking in the world market is pulling in $12 billion plus every year, affecting 1.2 million plus children. Women and girls make up 80% of victims, half of them minors. Numbering 300,000-400,000, they are kidnapped, bought, and sold between countries for use in the sex trade business.

Pedophile criminal activity accounts for 20 female juvenile molestations, on average, for each perpetrator, and shockingly, 100 male juveniles. With serial pedophile activity, upwards of 400 victims may be targeted by one perpetrator alone. The arrest rate of pedophiles has soared to 2,500% during the last decade.

Investigative workers at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children do the difficult and disturbing task of looking for missing children by perusing pornographic material, seized during sting operations. They looked at 10.5 million plus photos during 2009.

Cases like Jaycee Dugard and Elizabeth Smart, both abducted, held, and subjected to degrading treatment by their persecutors, show the human spirit is imperishable and can triumph. We must hold out hope for those still imprisoned they will find and harbor spiritual strength in the face of their humiliations.

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