The Mayor of Petion-Ville, Claire Lydie Parent, revoked

Haiti's Petion-Ville now has a new mayor. Reports said that the government revoked former Mayor Claire Lydie Parent's mandate. According to Minister of the Interior and Local Authorities Ronsard St. Cyr, the revocation will take effect for over a year. Yvanca Jolicoeur Brutus is now Petion-Ville's new mayor. She was installed recently and is expected to receive assistance from officials Kerna Duval and Dominique Saint-Roc.


Claire Lydie Parent confirmed the revocation but she said that she was not aware that the government was making such a decision. The incident came after Parent issued a statement wherein she blamed government supporters for bringing trouble to the city. In her statement, Parent said that people in Petion-Ville are now suffering because the municipal government's function has been limited. She claimed that government supporters are creating trouble in the city in order to prevent the municipal government from doing its job to the fullest.

The former mayor also shared that all checks that the municipal government issued have bounced back and that the city accountant's signature was not honored anywhere. She also linked the government with the problems happening in the city, saying that the government and President Michell Martelly should do something about it.

Claire Lydie Parent added that if they do not want for her and the city government to remain as magistrate, they should not take it out on the people. The former mayor stressed that Petion-Ville residents deserve more than this. They do not have to suffer because of political conflicts and they should have a better life, Parent added.

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Subject: The Mayor of Petion-Ville, Claire Lydie Parent, revoked edit

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