Kako Bourjolly is Ready for Prime Time

Kako Bourjolly is one of Haiti's top comedians, whose show, Kako's Bingo Night, is one of the most popular acts on the comedy-club scene. People think he is an overnight sensation, but he has been performing as a comic for the last 20 years.


In the beginning, he founded a comedy troupe with three other comedians and experienced his first taste of success. Every single show they performed at sold out. The demand to see Kako grew so strong; a second show had to be added. He recalls the only reason he didn't become well-known in the States was because he only performed part-time, too busy with his day job to devote more time. Kako though finally decided to take the leap into comedy full-time. And he has succeeded beyond his wildest dreams, Kako's Bingo Night being the proof.

Asked if his comedy talent is a natural or learned skill, he answers both. He says you cannot expect to be consistently funny unless you put the time and effort into it. He adds being observant--as actors must in their craft--is essential to develop and maintain a comic sensibility.

Kako's next project is to be a comedy show called Haiti Laugh. But he and his writers need funding to prepare the pilot and find a TV station to air it. He has posted a proposal on Kickstarter to crowd-source the project. He hopes pledges amounting to $50,000 will be made so he and his writers can reach their goal.

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