How to prevent Cholera in Haiti

Haiti's 2010 earthquake, which shook the country to its foundations, especially Port-au-Prince, displaced tens of thousands of Haitians. They were reduced to living in the streets, without adequate sanitation. Nine months later in October of 2010, a cholera epidemic began, and has continued afflicting the poorest segment of Haitians, many of whom remain living in tent cities.


The Ministry of Public Sanitation and the Population has recorded 581,952 cases of cholera as of July 2012, with a 7,455 death tally since October 2010. A noticeable rise in cholera cases have been reported since early 2012 in Centre, Nord, and Port-au-Prince. Port-au-Prince neighborhoods reporting cases of cholera include: Carrefour, Cité Soleil, Delmas, Kenscoff, Petionville, and Tabarre.

The clinical definition of cholera is a bacterial infection, whose symptoms manifest as diarrhea and dehydration. The bacteria is usually transmitted through the intake of impure food and drinking water. Or the water can become impure by a person's feces or untreated waste material. Food that comes into contact with water mixed with cholera bacteria, or by a handler with cholera in their system is unsafe to eat.

For travelers who intend to visit Haiti, a cholera prevention kit is a necessity:

• an antibiotic prescribed by a doctor.
• water purification tablets.
• oral rehydration salts.

Besides using these items to avoid or manage cholera, it is advised to:

• wash hands frequently with soap and de-contaminated water.
• use chemical toilets.

Sources that carry a risk of contacting cholera are piped water, drinks in plastic drink cups, and ice.

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