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Dumarsais Simeus: Moise Jean Charles is best candidate for President

Dumarsais Simeus, considered to be the most successful Haitian-American has come out in support of Moise Jean charles. Based on his analysis, Moise Jean Charles is the best candidate that can take Haiti out of its problems at this time. He believes that the Candidate from Piti Desalin is honest has a very good plan such as making credit available to Haitian entrepreneurs and also land reform.

WATCH VIDEO: Dumarsais Simeus running for President of Haiti ten years ago

Dumarsais Mécène Simeus or Dumas as he is commonly known, was born (1939) in Pont Sondé in the Artibonite Valley. He is the owner of the largest black owned food processing company in the United States. In 2006, he returned to Haiti to become a candidate in the August 2005 presidential election, but was denied because of his dual U.S and Haitian citizenship. Simeus attended Florida A & M in Tallahassee and Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and received his Engineering degree from Howard University. Later, he obtained graduating honors degree from University of Chicago. He has received many awards likes of Alumni Award from the University of Chicago Graduate School Of Business (2003) and Entrepreneur of the Year from Ernst & Young LLP. According to this most successful and experienced Haitian-American, Moise Jean Charles under "Piti Desalin" banner would be the ideal candidate and the most suitable person who can guide Haiti to a new prosperity and he has a better chance to win the election.

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Haitian-American Noramie Festa Jasmin made History as Mayor of Spring Valley

This is a sign that the Haitian community is moving and if I may say "Up" in the US. The latest is having one of our own elected as mayor in a major town. On behalf of the Haitian diaspora in the United States and all over the world, I would like to congratulate Noramie Festa Jasmin as the new Mayor of Spring Valley.

She has become the first Haitian American and the first woman to be elected as Mayor of Spring valley in 2009.

Before becoming Mayor of Spring Valley in New York, Noramie Jasmin occupied the position of trustee as well as deputy Mayor.

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