Emmanor Deroneth Named Vice-Delegate for GOH Decentralization Initiative

New Vice-Delegate Emmanor Déroneth has been appointed by presidential decree to serve Belle Anse county in the Government of Haiti's (GOH) decentralization program. Déroneth and his co-appointees, Joseph Ponyon of Bain county, and Jean Helson Royal of Jacmel, were inducted into office at the Jacmel Court of First Instance, on Friday July 13, 2012.


Upholding his sworn duty to fulfill Vice-Delegate responsibilities, Déroneth took his oath of office in front of an audience of government and public officials. Among those who attended the swearing-in were Sagesse Ovilmar, South East Director of Police; Pierre Michel Lafontant, Department Delegate; and Edwin Daniel Zenny, South East first Senator.

Jacmel Court of First Instance, Dean Me Adeline Dougé François, performed the induction ceremony. He addressed the serious responsibilities Déroneth and his colleagues would take on, while administering the GOH's new decentralization plan, in working with local communities. In handing over decision-making rights to local officials, François pointed out, Déroneth and his associates would exercise oversight of committee work, ensuring procedural requirements be followed.

During his speech, François noted President Martelly's faith in Déroneth and his co-Vice-Delegates to meet the challenges of community participation in a new political process, designed to give them a stronger voice in local civic matters. The GOH believes citizens active engagement in local issues will give them a new sense of civic pride, in seeing their communities develop without national government interference. The first phase of this program has already rolled out, the Katye Pam P'oze initiative.

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