Gedeon Jean, not signing recommendations, wants to have it both ways

To me this is another case of "Maronage" that we see often with Haitians. The representative of the Human Rights, Me Gedeon Jean, was the only member of the Presidential Election Evaluation who decided not to sign the recommendations. According to Jean, he found several cases of severe irregularities in some of the Procee Verbals (PV) and felt a complete vote recount should have been done by the Commission. Also, he was not in favor of a total annulment of the election either.


I thinks Me Gedeon Jean wants to have it both ways. If things turn out acceptable, he is there. If things turn out bad for the member of the Presidential Election Evaluation, in a sense, if they become discredited, he can find an escape route. It is just like a woman who is telling you that she is just a little bit pregnant. That can't happen; you can be either pregnant or not.

Haitian Kreyol:

Gedeon Jean, pa siyen rekòmandasyon, li vle genyen tou de fason

Pou mwen sa a se yon ka de "Maronage" ke nou wè souvan ak Ayisyen. Reprezantan nan Dwa Moun, Mèt Gedeon Jean, se te sel manm nan komisyon Evalyasyon Eleksyon Prezidansyèl ki te deside pa siyen rekòmandasyon yo. Dapre Jean, li te jwenn plizyè ka iregilarite grav nan kèk nan Procee-Verbals(PV). Li santi yon rekontaj vòt konplè ta dwe ftè pa Komisyon an. Li pa t 'an favè yon anilasyon eleksyon an.

Mwen panse Mèt Gedeon Jean vle genyen tou de fason. Si bagay la vire soti akseptab, li la. Si bagay yo vire soti move pou manm nan komisyon Evalyasyon Eleksyon Prezidansyèl la, nan yon sans, si yo resevwa kritik, li ka jwenn yon pòt pou soti

Se tankou yon fanm ki di ou ke li jis yon ti jan ansent. Sa pa ka rive; oswa ou ansent oswa ou pa ansent.

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