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Is there any truth to the Polls taken for Haiti Election?

The only thing I can conclude so far as a result of these polls is that these people don't have a clue of what is really going on with the Haitian voters. recent poll by Florida-based Integrated Communications and Research gives candidate Jovenel Moïse a 7.7 percentage-point lead over second-place candidate Jude Célestin. An other one conducted by the Research Office in Computer Science and Economic and Social Development (BRIDES) gave Jude Célestin the lead followed by Moise Jean Charles.

Who's Leading the Polls in Haiti?

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What do you think is likely to happen on voting day in Haiti?

It seems like more preparations have been done to make sure that on Sunday everything runs smoothly. Whether or not there is a hurricane, earthquake, or any other natural disaster, the election will take place.

WATCH MUSIC VIDEO: Jean Robert ARGANT report on meeting with CEP

The CEP, Haiti National Police, MINUSTAH, The Executive branch comprising of both President Michel Martelly and Prime Minister Evans Paul, the international community, all have been focusing on one thing, assuring the public that the first round of Presidential election in Haiti will be different than that conducted few months ago. More Police presence, more coordination with various organizations that will be monitoring the election. Even more importantly, the delegate problem seems to be under control as a new plan was developed where they will provide supervision on a rotating basis and that all political parties will be represented.

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Why is Rene Preval so quiet on the candidacy of Jude Celestin?

As we are counting down to election day in Haiti, the truth can no longer be hidden. We are now in a position to see whether or not all these political parties were legitimate or some type of cover up to increase chances or just a way to make a quick buck. The latest consolidation came from Platform Verite that has decided to support the candidacy of Jude Celestin or president.

Out of those seen so far, this can be considered as the most meaningful. You can't stop me from asking the obvious question which is: Does Rene Preval has anything to do with this?

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Mathias Pierre moved to support candidate Jean Charles Moise

Faced with the reality that he will not do well in the upcoming Presidential elections in Haiti, candidate Mathias Pierre has decided to call it quit and to urge his supporters to move to Moise Jean Charles' camp. The candidate of the political party Konsyans Patriyotik made it public on Monday his decision to no longer run and as he stated to throw his unconditional support to candidate Moise Jean Charles whom he thinks has a better chance of winning.

WATCH VIDEO: Mathias Pierre moved to Jean Charles Moise camp

Mathias Pierre explained his decision to support the candidate of Pitit Desalin because of what the later stands for, specifically. He thinks that there is a current danger where President Michel Martelly is attempting to stay in power for ever by orchestrating an electoral coup d'State on October 25 by imposing his Jovenel Moses to lead the country. He also stated that some of the candidates have been using dirty money for their campaign.

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A Clarens Renois Government will be One of Reconciliation

Clarens Renois is running for the Haitian presidency, representing the National Union for the Integrity and Reconciliation party. He is campaigning on a platform that includes.

• Stamping out government corruption
• Improving the Universal Schooling Program Free and Compulsory
• Dealing with societal issues such as prejudice, violence, attacks on opposition parties, and other social ills
• Working to establish better trade relations with the Dominican Republic
• Standing against the re-organization of the Haitian army.

The over-arching theme of Renois' platform is reconciliation of all actors, whose self interests keep Haiti from enjoying political stability. The country's stability is crucial to attract private investment and grow Haiti's economy. He wants all opposition leaders to come together at one table to work cohesively in ruling the island.

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Should we trust Presidential polling in Haiti

I am going crazy trying to figure out who is ahead and who is pulling behind in this upcoming election in Haiti. Can someone tell because the polls are not helping. Two recent polls released had Jude Celestin leading the race for the presidency. However, many people think that these results could not be further from the truth.

Many people think that it is very difficult to predict any election results based on opinion polling. This is a very divided society and the various sectors of the population react differently to questions. For example several observers think that results of two polls placing Jude Celestin in first place is not real and it is overestimated.

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Pastor Fevry Ignores Commission of Mediation: Elects Jean Jeune

Haitian Protestant Federation (FPH) President, Sylvain Exantus, claims Pastor Fevry has over-ridden FPH's candidate for Protestant President, Clarens Renois, with their own choice, Jean Jeune.

Having two candidates undermines ". . . the unity of the Protestant community." Exantus added: to go against the Commission of Mediation's choice ". . . does not correspond to Protestant values . . . . FPH does not have to intervene in the management of political parties . . ."

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Maryse Narcisse of Fanmi Lavalas leading in new Poll

You can say that it is a miracle or you can say that Jean Bertrand Aristide is still a political force in Haiti. However the fact remains that after the leader of the Political Party Fanmi lavalas has spoken, there has been a major effect. According to the latest poll conducted by Haitian Study firm "Sigma Stat Consulting Group", Maryse Narcisse is now the leading candidate.

A total of 1,025 people were sampled for the study. The results obtained was as follows:

- Maryse Narcisse (Fanmi Lavalas) with 27.9%
- Jovenel Moïse (PHTK), 18.9%
- Jude Célestin "(LAPEH) with 14.9%
- Jean-Charles Moïse (Pitit Dessalin) with 8.8%
- Steven Benoit (platform Konviksyon) 6%

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John Kerry came to Haiti to assure the holding of October 25 elections

Secretary of State John Kerry came to Haiti on Tuesday to delver a message he hopes will carry all the way to the October 25, 2015. He is hoping for a "smoother process" than what took place in August.

According to Secretary of State John Kerry, "Haiti needs governing institutions that are legitimate and representative, and those cannot come into being without free and fair elections that take part without intimidation or without violence"

Several things became clear with the arrival of the Secretary of State John Kerry in Haiti. For one we now know for a fact the election will take place on October 25. If anyone had some doubts in the past that it may not happen, I would advise you to remove that from your mind. Second, the transfer of power will take place on February 7 of next year. President Michel Martelly once again reiterated that fact for anyone who may have missed it.

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Colonel Himmler Rebu anticipates major catastrophe with election

One of the strongest reactions to the resignation of electoral councilor Nehemie Joseph from th CEP came from a former minister in the government of Michel Martelly. Colonel Himmler Rebu wants to make it clear that the best possible decision at this time is to stop with the election process. He predicted if the elections are allowed to continue, Haiti will face a major catastrophe.

Former Colonel Rebu thinks thath this resignation of Nehemie Joseph further validates the general view that grave errors were committed during the last election and that the CEP has chosen not to correct them.

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