UN wants run-off election rescheduled quickly in Haiti

On Wednesday, December 23, 2015, the Security Council of the United Nations issued a message to the Haitian authorities, instructing them to quickly reschedule the presidential election postponed this week. The UN body also urged all sides to remain calm and refrain from violence or other provocations and to solve electoral disputes through legal rules and regulations. The 15 members of the UN Security Council also issued a statement in their strong commitment to supporting free and fair elections. As you may remember, the CEP published results of the presidential election and declared that Jovenel Moise came in first place with 32.8 per cent of the votes and Celestin placed second with 25.3 per cent. Some opponents allege fraud by the Martelly PHTK party. An election evaluation committee has been established in an attempth to solve the current crisis, but no new date has been set for the run-off election. The election evaluation committee has until December 30 to issue their recommendation.


United Nations and Haiti

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Haitian Kreyol:

Nasyonzini vle deziem tour eleksyon an Ayiti repwograme byen vit

Nan Mèkredi,, 23 desanm 2015, Konsèy Sekirite Nasyon Zini an te pibliye yon mesaj bay otorite ayisyen yo, enstwi yo pou yo byen vit fè yon lòt eleksyon prezidansyèl ki te ranvwaye semèn sa a. Kò Nasyonzini tou te mande tout moun rete kalm, ak evite vyolans oswa lòt provokasyon, pou rezoud diskisyon elektoral nan règ legal ak règleman. 15 Manm yo nan Konsèy Sekirite Nasyonzini an tou bay yon deklarasyon pou di nan gwo angajman yo nan sipòte eleksyon lib e onèt. Kòm ou ka sonje, CEP a pibliye rezilta nan eleksyon prezidansyèl la ki te deklare ke Jovenel Moise te vini nan premye plas ak 32.8 pousan nan vòt yo ak Celestin mete dezyèm ak 25.3 pousan. Gen kèk opozan ki deklare fwod pa pati Martelly PHTK a. Yon komite evalyasyon eleksyon te etabli nan yon attempth pou rezoud kriz la kounye a, men pa gen okenn nouvo dat pou deziem tou eleksyon an. Komite evalyasyon eleksyon gen jouk 30 Desanm pou bay rekòmandasyon yo.

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