Will there be an election in Haiti in 2013? The International community has spoken

Now I believe there will be an election in Haiti by the end of 2013. I can bet you some money that at least the first round of election will be held before December 31, 2013.


One may ask why Am I so sure?

The answer my friend is that the International community has spoken. First, there were some doubts with US Ambassador Pamela Ann White at first taking the position that the election would likely be held in 2014, then quickly had to return to her decision. Next, the government of Michel Martelly, in a strategic move to buy time, put a hold on the electoral law. Even one of the advisors of Michel Martelly, Stanley Lucas, came out to tell the press that the election is not possible this year and will likely be taking place the earliest, March of 2014.
To all these people, you have eggs in your face

Now take a look at this.
U.S. senator Bill Nelson visiting Haiti said Tuesday that the President of the Republic told him that legislative and local elections, 1 year, 8 months and 17 days past due, would be held before year's end. in the same week. The real question is rather who told whom what.
France's new Ambassador to Haiti, Patrick Nicoloso stated that election is possible in 2013. Simon Dieuseul Desras, the President of the Senate mentioned, is confident the the electoral law will be sent to him this week

Now who wants to bet some money that the election will not take place this year?

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Pierre says...

i bet they will be election in haiti and why its gorvern by the same who never accept the get beat n need to pay back the money they stoling, if you have a true haitien who not sale out can talk to the people and tell them that what will happen this why everything is secret and

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Subject: Will there be an election in Haiti in 2013? The International community has spoken edit

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