Electricite d'Haiti (EDH) to roll out New Payment Plan

Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe has okayed a new payment program for electricity usage in Haiti. It is a pay-as-you-go plan Electricite d' Haiti (EdH) will implement under the go-ahead from newly- installed EdH Director, Jean Morose.


As it stands now, most residents of Haiti do not pay for electricity. They cheat the system by getting on the power grid hooked up to local businesses. Businesses get reduced service as a result, and only make partial payments. With this new system, Electricite d'Haiti (EdH) customers will purchase a pre-paid card, inputting with what frequency they want to pay, and how much they want to pay before they receive electricity service.

Two advantages to purchasing pre-paid electrical service are: no deposit is necessary to activate the account, and no monthly due dates eradicate late fees. The downside to the new payment plan is electrical service in Haiti is undependable. Blackouts are frequent because Electricite d'Haiti (EdH) has been running in the red, and electrical infrastructure is substandard. Morose held a media conference and disclosed the tens of millions of dollars state and local governments owe EdH.

Purchasing electricity in increments will enable customers to monitor electrical usage and discover patterns to prevent high electricity costs. Statistics compiled on the pre-pay model in use in other parts of Haiti show 10%-12% decrease in monthly electrical costs. But it is still an unknown whether homeowners will be willing to pay in advance for electrical service they can't rely on.

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