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PM Evans Paul marginalized at Jocelerme Privert' investiture

Just like most Haitians, yesterday (February 14, 2016) I was watching the ceremony of investiture of Jocelerme Privert as the Provisional President of Haiti. Like many I suppose, I was very surprised to see some of the hard core oppositions present at the ceremony such as Maryse Narcissi and Mildred Aristide. But to me it was even more surprising to see Prime Minister being marginalized as he was standing in the crowd just like everyone else listening to the President. Some people said that it was nothing because all the dignitaries were there including all the ministers.

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Prime minister Evans Paul to liquidate current affairs

Changes in the After Martelly plan. Prime minister Evans Paul will be instructed by the President of the National Assembly to management current affairs. Also, the President of the National Assembly will hold presidential election for
an interim president to fill the vacuum.

Haitian Kreyol:

Premye Minis Evans Paul ap likide zafè aktyèl

Chanjman nan plan Apre Martelly. Premye Minis Evans Paul ap ginyin pou jesyon zafè aktyèl yo. Epitou, Prezidan Asanble Nasyonal la pral gin pou fè eleksyon pou yon prezidan pwovizwa pou ranpli vakyòm Presidan Martelly kite.

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Breaking News - Evans Paul resigns as P. M., three new Names proposed

This is a breaking news, Prime Minister Evans Paul gave his resignation to President Michel Martelly. In addition, a list of 20 potential Prime Ministers has been reduced to just three. The names of the candidates for the new Prime Minister who made the final three are: Renold Deeb, Andrice Riche and Mr Evans Paul'

What do you think:

Haitian Kreyol

Evans Paul démission kòm P. M., twa nouvo non sou tab la

Sa a se yon nouvèl tou cho, Premye Minis Evans Paul te bay demisyon l' a Prezidan Michel Martelly. Anplis de sa, nan yon lis ki gen 20 potansyèl premye minis, lis sa te redwi a jis twa. Non kandida yo pou nouvo Premye Minis la ki te fè twa nan final yo se: Renold Deeb, Andrice rich ak Mr Evans Paul

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Will the next President be Jules Cantave, Jocelerme Privert or Evans Paul?

Evans Paul confirmed Martelly' departure on February 7. President Michel Martelly has exactly 11 days left before leaving office. In an interview given to a Venezuelan television network, Prime Minister once again confirmed that the president will not stay after this date as stated in the constitution. He also explained that there are several options in discussion between various actors to determine how the country is going to be governed after February 7th.

Will the next president of Haiti be:
- the current judge from Court of Cassation Jules Cantave,
- the president of the Senate Jocelerme Privert
- or Prime Minister Evans Paul

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De facto Prime Minister Evans Paul must resign with elected parliament in function

Senator Francisco Delacruz has decided to add insult to injury with the current electoral crisis in Haiti. The Senator of Plateau Central has declared that the newly elected parliament scheduled to enter in function on January 11 can not co-exist with the actual prime minister and that the later must resign immediately following their investiture. As you may remember, Prime Minister Evans Paul did not occupy this function according to the Haitian constitution but rather as a result of a negotiation. As a De facto Prime minister, he was not ratified by the legislative branch and consequently can not be sanctioned by them either.

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Evans Paul recommends the creation of electoral commission

Prime Minister Evans Paul has officially aligned himself with the opposition that have been asking for the creation of an independent commission to investigate the election results. In a press release published on Twitter after midnight Thursday, the Prime Minister made the recommendation to President Michel Martelly for the formation of the commission that would have 72 hours to report back with recommendations to the government and the CEP. One very important question is: who should be part of this commission? this is an open question.

At this time, we don't know if a commission is possible, who are acceptable to be in it, whether or not Jude Celestin, the G8 will agree to it. In the meantime, election is scheduled for Dercember 27, 2015 or in less than two weeks from now. Also some members of the CEP members have threatened to resign in bloc if any commission is appointed.

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Evans Paul talking to opposition, open to independent vote verification

During a visit to Miami to participate at the National Alliance for the Advancement of Haitian Professionals, Haitian Prime minister Evans Paul is in support of an independent verification of the vote count regarding the October 25 first round of presidential elections in Haiti.

At the conference that took place at Florida International University in North Miami, the Prime Minister seems to understand the magnitude of the current crisis and acknowledged that something must be done to keep things from getting worst. He said that he is open to the request by a group of presidential candidates and local observers for an independent verification of the vote count; however, he doubts this will be enough to solve the problem. According to Evans Paul, "The question is who will make up this commission because the trust crisis in Haiti doesn't exclude anyone".

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Evans Paul using bluff as tool against Dominican Government

Faced with massive influx of Haitians and Dominicans of Haitian descent being deported from the Dominican Republic to Haiti, Haitian Prime Minister Evans Paul put the Dominican Government on guard against the type of people that they are sending to Haiti. He stated that the Haitian government will welcome the Haitians but will not admit any non Haitians into the country. Specifically, anyone not born in Haiti will not be admitted into the country, that is according to Mr. Evans Paul.

I consider such a statement by the Haiti Prime Minister as pure bluff. It is an attempt by Mr. Paul deceive us pretending to in case that the Dominican Government makes any attempt to send someone who was born in the Dominican Republic with Haitian root back to Haiti, they will be faced with corresponding action from the Haitian government.

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We Are a People of Character, Prime Minister Evans Paul

In a meeting with the civil society organizations at the Royal Oasis Hotel on June 18, 2015, the prime Minister Evans Paul while mentioning the stand and responsibility of the government towards the massive deportation of Dominicans of foreign descent of whom most are Haitians or people of Haitian descents has said, "Even though we have problems, even though we are poor, we are a people of character. We cannot turn away those seeking refuge." He has accepted the fact that the Haitian government had failed to do what it could have to avoid the present pathetic situation faced by thousands of compatriot.

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Evans Paul declares to Unite Haiti and Resolve Political Crisis

Evans Paul, nominated by President Michel Martelly for the office of Prime Minister, has been approved by Parliament. He has moved to the prime minister's quarters on Bourdon road. He has not been installed as prime minister, planned for January 1st. Dr. Enold Joseph, Secretary General of Konvansyon Inite Demokratik party, has confirmed these details.

The press received more information that Parliament's lower chamber is convening on the 5th of the month to review Evan Paul's eligibility for the office of prime minister, set forth in the Constitution's Article 157, which has six requirements that Paul must meet to take office on the 6th of January. He must:

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