Launching of New Artificial Lakes by President Michael Martelly in Baie-de-Henne

The Northwest region of Haiti, which has been suffering from prolonged drought periods, will be bound to experience a new change altogether after construction of artificial lakes. The project which involved the construction of over 160 artificial lakes was well appreciated by the local dwellers that would use the new resource for fishing, watering their animals and using it for irrigation. With the established artificial lakes up and running, local dwellers will be in a position to adequately suffice their food needs and earn some income from the economic activities promoted by the new resource in the region, President Martelly said.


The artificial lakes project, which was pioneered by the ministry of Agriculture in collaboration with other ministries, was an initiative to improve Haiti's capacity to cater for food supply to its countrymen and their livestock without great hassles. Michael Martelly's launching trip was graced by the presence of the Minister for Agriculture, Thomas Jacques and Senator Melius. He made his first launch at Baie-de-Henne and at Raymond, both located on the Northern regions of Haiti.

All along the launching activities, Ministry of Agriculture officials expressed their hopes in the new unleashed resource and urged local dwellers to maintain it and utilize it well. Led by the Secretary of State for Agriculture, Mr. Vernet Joseph, and Karl Charlemagne who is currently the Ministry's Departmental Director, promised to be actively participating in facilitating fish breeding programs for the benefit of dwellers who may be interested in rearing fish. On his side, President Martelly said that the projects were also initiated to promote equity in distribution of natural resources which has been on a biased side over a long time.

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Subject: Launching of New Artificial Lakes by President Michael Martelly in Baie-de-Henne edit

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