Hurricane Sandy Wreaks Damage on Already Fragile Haiti

Hurricane Sandy, an erratic and unpredictable tropic storm, roared through the Caribbean, lashing Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, and The Bahamas. Continuing on its horrifying path of destruction, it barreled across South Florida and up into the eastern seaboard. It is predicted it will clash with an artic air mass racing southward from Canada. Another winter-storm system moving east is expected to cross paths with Hurricane


Sandy as well.

The unofficial death toll from Hurricane Sandy soared to 21 by Thursday. Haiti sustained the second highest number of dead, nine, behind Cuba, who has reported eleven dead. Jamaica has reported one death.

Haiti's disaster officials have not yet completed tallying up the damage done to the island. But the information the UN Stabilization Mission was able to gather about the juggernaut storm suggested that it had left Haiti more crippled than ever. Only two months earlier Hurricane Isaac had assaulted and weakened Haiti.

Hurricane Sandy unleashed two days of an unstoppable downpour in Haiti, which crumbled a bridge, dashed a cholera treatment clinic, caused landslides, and submerged structures in flood waters.

Hurricane Sandy's intensity varied as she rampaged across the Caribbean. Designated a Category 1, with 90-mph storm winds in The Bahamas, it rose to a Category 2 storm, with whipping winds at about 115 mph, after it had landed in Cuba. Of the nine deaths reported in the unofficial death tally, five occurred in South Haiti, three in the western sector, and one in Grand Anse.

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