Haiti Education System is useless, show me otherwise!

How many of you believe that our education system has a lot to do with our inability to change Haiti? Making us into: "Aristrokrat Dyol Printi"; "Ti France", "Mwe Pa Min Moun Avek-ou". To tell you the truth, these are what I see our education system is good for.


We are proud of speaking French than the French born citizen. Our love to use French words in our sentences so complicated and so rare in usage that the a typical French citizen would probably ask you to provide some translation for then

Unfortunately, this is the most important thing I have learned from my education in Haiti.

I am not that old but I can remember in the 1970s. It was forbidden to speak Haitian Creole either in Class, in the school ground or while playing with other children at school.

That reminds me of the Great Maurice Sixto "Phantom De Blan Mannan, Tenez Peti Poulet, O La La"

I will give a case where my Mother who is not comfortable in French one time was called to school because of my behavior problem.

You can imagine what happened to me after that:

1) I was punished for my behavior problem

2) I was punished because my mother had to stop her activities to come to the school

3) More importantly, my mother was put in a position to express herself in French

My behind spent at least one week " Nan Pale France"

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Frideny says...

Nan pale tilititi ou pa we nan ki twou nou fouye peyi a .Franse pale tres senp, ayisyen se cheche gwo bout mo nan diksyone jis pou fe we ke yo konn gwo mo.

Si nou pa pran men nou kiyes ki pwal pwanl pou

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Big Man says...

Le kreol n'est pas une langue, mais plutot un dialect.

Certains politiciens l'utilisent pour faire de la demagogie a fin de mobiliser la masse pour l'engloutir après.ALLEZ SAVOIR QUI ET COMMENT.Pas de

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