Fritz Jean takes his case to the public, at "L'Invite du Jour" with Valery Numa

After multiple discussions, dealings and sharing of various positions of his ministerial cabinet with members of the legislative branch, Prime Minister nominee Fritz Jean wants to take his message directly to the public. On Friday, March 4, 2016, he will be the guest of Valery Numa at "L'Invite du Jour" at 8:00 to present his case to the public.


I am hoping that Fritz Jean can be honest and straight forward

Haitian Kreyol:

Fritz Jean ap pote problem li by piblik la, nan "L'Envite du jour" ak Valery Numa

Apre anpil diskisyon, tranzaksyon ak pataje divès kalite pozisyon nan kabinè ministeryèl l 'ak manm nan branch lejislatif la, Premye Minis kandida Fritz Jean vle pran mesaj li dirèkteman pote ba piblik la. Nan Vandredi, 4 mas, 2016, li pral envite nan show Valery Numa nan "L'Envite du jour" a 8:00pou li prezante ka l ' by piblik la.

Mwen espere ke Fritz Jean kapab onèt e dwat nan show sa

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Subject: Fritz Jean takes his case to the public, at "L'Invite du Jour" with Valery Numa edit

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