The criminal trial of famous Clifford Brandt has began

There is no guarantee that the trial of Clifford Brandt will ever end, or we will know the entire story, or all the other actors involved will be known; however the process has in deed started. He was arrested for the abduction and kidnapping of two children of the Moscosso family over three years ago. Finally, the trial of Clifford Brandt is scheduled to start today (January 28, 2016). His trial will be without a jury.


What do you expect fro this trial?

Haitian Kreyol:

Jijman kriminèl ki pi popilè an Clifford Brandt aper kòmanse

Pa gen okenn garanti ke pwosè Clifford Brandt ap janm fini, oswa nou pral konnen tout istwa a, oswa tout lòt aktè ki konsène yo; sepandan pwosesis la kòmanse. Li te arete pou anlèvman ak kidnapin de timoun nan fanmi Moscosso an plis pase twa zan de sa. Finalman, pwosè Clifford Brandt kòmanse jodi a (28 janvye, 2016). Jijman l 'la pral fèt san yon yon jiri.

Sa w ap atann de jijman sa?

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Subject: The criminal trial of famous Clifford Brandt has began edit

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