Does Guyler C Delva have the instinct of Rat on sinking ship?

The announcement this week of Guyler C. Delva to leave his position as Communications Advisor for President Michel Martelly has been making the round and has been subject of many interpretations and comments. Rats abandoning a sinking ship has been the idiom many have been used since to describe his action.


Is this true or not?

The idiom "Rats abandoning a sinking ship" is often used to describe large numbers of people leaving when something is about to fall. Similarly, you notice large number of employees leaving a company. The company must be going bankrupt.

It does imply those leaving are selfish and disloyal. In another term they are called "Rats"

Do you feel that Guyler C Delva's decision to leave the Martelly team has anything to do with danger seeing on the horizon?

As we have been observing the recent events around the government of Martelly, many would associate this as a bad storm hitting his ship. The weather will likely get worst in the near future as protests are scheduled for November 18 in several cities in the country and in January, 2014.

How would you describe the move just made by Guyler C Delva?

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Haitian Outside says...

li intelligent, menm presidan martelly commanse bay demission li. " moin gen kay nan peyi etrange, mka al viv la".

li anvi bay

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Subject: Does Guyler C Delva have the instinct of Rat on sinking ship? edit

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