Nine accused in the killing of radio journalist Jean Dominique

In April of 2000, noted, uncompromising and controversial journalist, Jean Dominique arrived at work at his radio station, Radio Haiti Inter. As he pulled into the lot, unknown gunmen attacked him, killing him and the station's security guard in the act. For over 10 years, despite many cries for justice from various fronts, not the least of which was the widow of the deceased journalist, no definite moves toward seeking prosecution for the masterminds of one of Haiti's most striking assassinations had been made. Today, through the efforts of investigative judge, Yvikel Dabresil, 9 people stand accused of the conspiracy which claimed the lives of two men.


At the fore of the list of those accused is the alleged mastermind of the plot, former senator to the Lavalas Family, Mirlande Liberus, who, according to the witnesses who had testified, was acting at the behest of former president of the republic, Jean-Bertrand Aristide. While not himself indicted, Aristide testified saying that no one in the party had had a hand in the murders.

While many praise the efforts of the judge, some condemn it, including Aristide's legal representative, Miami-based attorney, Ira Kurzban. Kurzban calls the judge's actions absurd and state there is no basis in law or fact for what Debrasil has done.

More powerful still, are the comments made by Dominique's widow, Michele Montas, who has been waiting for justice after giving her testimony a decade ago. She sees the investigation as a good step. One critic, Guyler Delva, current secretary-general of the SOS Journalistes and the man who runs the Haitian-Caribbean News Network, says that, while the news is encouraging, the fact that Aristide had not been indicted along with Liberus was not.

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