Artibonite Signature Dish - Lalo Legume Fey

Lalo Legume Fey is a signature dish of Artibonite. Any Artibonitenne, one must know how to prepare this dish properly. It is a staple food of the area made using rice, beans and lalo. The dish is not only filling but is also hearty and tasty and is known for high amounts of protein and iron. The dish is made using different kinds of green vegetables. The greens that are generally used include lalo, spinach, watercress and purslane. Meat is also required for the preparation and is cooked one day ahead of preparing the dish.


How to prepare Lalo Legume Fey?

Lalo Legume Fey requires nearly 2 hours for cooking. 2 4-quart pans are required for crab and meat while 1 heavy and round 8-quart pan is required for the entire dish.

The following ingredients are required:
Mixed fresh greens torn to pieces - 7 pounds.
Fresh pork - 1 1/2 pounds. Pork must be cooked using the recipe Pork in Creole Sauce.
Crab legs - 1 pound. This must be cooked using the recipe Lobster in Creole Sauce.
Vegetable Oil - 2 tablespoon.
Pepper and Salt.

After trimming excess fat from the pork, it should be cut into pieces of 2 inches cubes and the cooked and kept aside. Crab shall also be cooked and set aside. Oil should be heated in 8-quart dish over medium setting and then greens should be added and cooked until they are wilted. Because of the large amount of greens, they should be added in parts. The greens should be cooked for about 10 minutes by covering the pan. Once the greens are wilted, crab and pork along with their sauces and cooked for another 15 minutes until the sauce becomes thick. Occasional stirring will be required. Pepper and salt must be added as per taste. Lalo Legume Fey should then be served with white rice when hot. Once dish can serve up to 6 people.

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