Jean Herard Richard, Richie, is back with new band bagay neuf

Former Zenglen drummer Jean Herard Richard, who is better known as Richie, has formed a new band. The drummer, who was behind the drums in a video in which president Martelly and other artists featured in paying tribute to more than 300,000 Haitians who perished on the wake of the 2010 earthquake says he has big news for his fans.


The new band is still deliberating on its name, though the name bagay neuf has been suggested. Richie says that the name has not been agreed upon, and that bagay neuf might not be it.

The composition of the band is also yet to be fully unveiled. It is believed that some former members of Zenglen will be part of the band. It is further stated that Richie has incorporated two singers namely Alex lavaud and Enock Bordes. The latter is a former member of Djakout Mizik. Other members in the band and their respective instruments include Carol Cheuveu (percussion), Nixon Mesidor (Bass guitar), El Pozo (guitar), Eve and Jude Saverus (keyboard, drums). Eve is the only woman in the band.

These are people who have proven without reasonable doubt that they are talented, and the fans would not be asking for too much if they anticipate lively performances and songs which are very much on point.

The new band is currently busy, working on a new album which is set to have 11 songs. The album will be out very soon.

The maestro singer and percussionist, Richie, ended his tenure with the Zenglen band in mid December 2011 and was to be replaced by another singer who would step up in the big shoes of Richie to support Kenny Desmangles, who sang alongside Richard. Richard had been at Zenglen for more than a decade.

In January 2012 there were rumors that Richard was teaming up with Gazzmann Couleur to form a new band which would change the Haitian Music Industry. The first time such a story was invented was in October 2011. The two were to launch their band in the Haiti Music Industry next month.

Whether all this comes to pass we do not know. What we do know with certainty is that the band is currently rehearsing on its debut album and the fans are eagerly waiting for it. In the past Richie has lived up to his word and his music has not disappointed. We hope his new band will deliver!

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Worlky Kiky says...

Mezanmi RICHIE a se yon vil pou tout kap viv nan mond compas a sa nou tout se Richidien Richienne.

Sa'k pa dako tann amagedon (BAGAY

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Subject: Jean Herard Richard, Richie, is back with new band bagay neuf edit

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