Cuban Medical Brigade fighting cholera in Haiti

The contribution of the Cuban Medical Brigade in Haiti can not be ignored. These doctors are treating cholera victims in some of the most remote regions in Haiti.


Cuban Doctors in Haiti

According to top officials of the United Nation Stabilization Mission, the centers operated by the Cuban Medical Brigades in Haiti are part of the important work to fight the cholera epidemic, along side with Doctors without Borders and many other medical groups.

Haiti is in need of a lot more doctors and nurses to combat the cholera epidemic. The UN top humanitarian official stated recently that Haiti needs at least 100 more doctors and 1,000 more nurses to handle the epidemic effectively. Doctors from Cuban Medical Brigade, Doctors without Borders and many other medical groups currently providing services currently will not be able to provide care to all these people.

The cholera epidemic is projected to spread very quickly for the next six months in Haiti. As many as 200,000 people are expected to be infected by the disease

Do you think the Cuban Medical Brigade has been effective in the fight of cholera in Haiti?

Do you think they should not have been allowed into the country because they came from a communist country?

Your opinion counts. Pleas comment

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