Petion-ville A Suburb, Commune And Wealthy Place In Haiti

Pétion-ville is a suburb in the capital of Haiti, Port-au-Prince. It is situated on the Massif de la Selle northern hills, east of the city. In 1770-1818 it got its name after the President and General of Haiti, Alexandre Sabès Pétion. He was one of the four founding fathers of Haiti.


Wealthiest Place In Haiti

With a population of 342,694 as per 2009 census, Petion-ville is a well known residential area. It is the metropolitan area of the city, is affluent and well known for tourist activities.

Residents in Petion-ville include business people, foreign businessmen and diplomats. As compared to Port-au-Prince and other major Haitian cities, Petion-ville has more security. Buzzing with business this area has an active night life and is more peaceful.


Palatial mansions can be seen in Morne Calvaire and Laboule that are guarded privately and gated with razor fencing, resembling a Haitian version of Caracas or Beverly Hills. On the district's outer edges shantytowns are seen due to migration of poor locals in search of jobs towards this region.

Many fitness gyms, nightclubs, French restaurants and beauty salons fill up this suburban town on the hillside. El Rancho is a famous hotel built by a collector of luxury and sports cars, Albert Silvera. In the hotel industry of Haiti, he is one of the pioneers.

After The 2010 Earthquake

This region was struck by the earthquake on 12th January 2010 due to which the hospital collapsed, many buildings and homes and Hotel Montana were destroyed. Around 50,000 to 80,000 Haitians were housed at Petion-Ville Club.

The golf clubhouse has been converted into a field hospital. IsraAid, a humanitarian organization based in Israel opened up an education centre for children in this tent city collaborating with Operation Blessing, another agency and a few more agencies. A community soup kitchen operates here which was once a 'Muncheez' pizza restaurant. In February, electricity was restored to many sectors and later to the rest of the cities. The Irish village is a nice development here which includes the Irish pub which is visited by affluent Haitians and government officials.

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