Did Jean Bertrand Aristide want Jean Dominique dead?

It is a rather sticky mess that began, perhaps, even before the 2000 murder of journalist Jean Dominique. Today, the saga continues after Judge Yvikel Dabresil accused nine people, close associates of the country's former president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, of having, between them, silenced Dominique.


While the judge has not indicted the former president on the heels of his investigations, which was revealed by a panel of the Appeals Court, Aristide has been fingered as having ordered the act which took place at Mr. Dominique's station house, Radio Haiti Inter in Port-au-Prince. The incident had also claimed the life of a security guard for the radio station.

Among the accused is Mirlande Liberus, a former senator who has been named as the person who put the hit together, as well as Port-au-Prince's former deputy mayor, Harold Severe. The evidence comes in the form of citations from witnesses who have fingered the co-accused as conspirators to Mr. Dominique's bloody end.

Judge Dabresil has been the bravest of the seven judges through whose hands the case has passed in nearly twice as many years, the long wait for any kind of prosecution on the case being caused by fear of reprisal. Still, the efforts of the latest judge still await validation as the matter may be appealed at the Supreme Court and awaits acceptance by the Appeals Court. No arrests have, consequently, been made and it is rumored that many of the accused are living abroad, including the purported mastermind, Liberus.

However this new chapter in the saga unfolds, the effort made by Judge Dabresil to seek justice for the controversial journalist deserves recognition.

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