The return of Jean-Bertrand Aristide to Haiti is imminent.

Friends, it is for real. Jean-Bertrand Aristide is definitely going back to Haiti soon. The key word is "IMMINENT". His return to Haiti is certain to take place in the next few days.


"Sa sé Pawol Ki Soti Nan Vant Bef"

We have several sources that confirmed this. A South African official told Associate Press that Jean-Bertrand Aristide would return to Haiti in the next few days. AP also reported that Maryse Narcisse, head of Lavalas Executive Council, confirmed that his return is now certain to take place and that it will be an important event for them who have waited for so long.

Exclusive and confidential sources for the "Haitian Joudalist" also confirmed that the return of Jean-Bertrand Aristide in the next few days is certain because all obstacles have been removed from his path and that he has been given green light to return to his country.

Does that mean he will be back before the election scheduled for March 20th?

I just don't know anymore!

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Neg Lakay says...

Tatou Aristide pral rentre epi li pra pren plezil ak Guy Phillipe, Colonel Francois ak General Avril ki gintan chita nan peyia ap relax?

Kite moun pale

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Tatout says...

Le president Aristide est le President de toute les Haitien Haiti est notre Pays Titide pa kite preval al kidnape w tankou Lovinky [Vinko] non s'il vous plait peuple la besoin

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Jimmy says...

One things, I can says only my God in heaven can Change haiti also Jean-Bertrand Aristed was a good president for me because It's the onlyone can deal with the peoples in my country.

Mr. Jean-Bertrand Aristide you are welcome to your country also I do believed that my God will Be with you 4Ever.Also I do belived that Mr. Jean-Bertrand Aristide will helped the next president to rebuild his Country.

My next President will be Joseph Michel Martelly.100% sure also all my peoples in haiti should puts hand together to rebuild our Country stop asking other country for

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Frideny says...

Ebyen papa kitel retounen non, se yonn nan prezidan konpetan pep ayisyen te genyen, yo te omwen respekte nou kay peyi vwazen epui le monn te konnen nou te genyen yon prezidan ki konn moun.

Map tann ou

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Usa says...

explain to us what fortune Aristide has made in haiti.

Tell me who gives him the money and where did he get it from or stop talking with you know

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Eddy Pierre says...

ginyin anpil nom sou la tè, ki lamantableman se danjé pou la sosiété sé fonksionè satan.refléchi pou nou

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T T Kal Bobis says...

You are so right pitit Dessalines.

Aristide should stay in So Africa.

Paské sé nan péyi sa li

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Lamarre Sanon says...

welcome Mr le president, le pays a besoin de vous. nous avons beaucoups de travail a

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Mamoune says...

Tttide, Nap tan ou

This is the only Haitian who can solve the problem of Haiti.

Whether you like it of not, Titide will go back to haiti.

Ze a ap retounin nan deye pol-La


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Michel T. says...

Just like the Haitian Joudalist say, "I don't know any more".

It seems like we can understand the game and will probably never be able to understand it.

It has always been the same

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