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Edo Zenny and Joseph Lambert accused in network of drug trafficking and kidnapping

There has been serious accusations brought to two very important, powerful and close friends and associates of President Michel Martelly. Sherlson Sanon, a child soldier an admitted former criminal, made damning testimony on the role of Senator Edo Zenny and former Senator Joseph Lambert, in a network of murder, kidnaping and drug trafficking with members of the gang "Base Kakos"

Sherlson Sanon revealed in a testimoy made at RNDDH on March 12, 2013 that former Senator and current Presidential advisor Joseph Lambert, current Senator Edwin Zenny and Government Commissionerof Croix-des-Bouquets, Me Leny Thélusma all have been been involved in

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Joseph Lambert alleged plot on Deputies Levaillant Louis-Jeune and Sorel Jacinthe

Senior Presidential Advisor Joseph Lambert is being investigated for death threats against two members of Parliament, Deputies Sorel Jacinthe and Levaillant Louis-Jeune. The death threats occurred while Lambert served as President of the National Assembly. Jacinthe and Louis-Jeune alerted the human rights body, National Network for the Defense of Human Rights (NNDHR), and the agency began an investigation into the allegations.

NNDHR found evidence Lambert did indeed plot to end the lives of Sorel and Louis-Jeune, members of political parties, Espwa and INITE. NNDHR's findings prompted the deputies to file complaints with the Court of First Instance in Port-au-Prince on April 23rd.

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Joseph Lambert denied photo on Facebook as work of detractors using

A few photographs surfaced on the internet which shows the photo of a man and a young girl in compromised position in a swimming pool. The man in photo looks like former senator and advisor of President of Haiti, Joseph Lambert. Lambert however denied being the person shown in the photograph.

Lambert who was previously the senator of South-East and is a family man said that his detractors have used Photoshop or similar image manipulating software to create fake images and attack him. These attacks come, says Lambert, because he is very strong contender of legislative elections that are coming up.

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Death threat: Joseph Lambert to Levaillant Louis-Jeune and Saurel Jacinthe

Claims against one-time Senator and President Michel Martelly's Special Political Advisor, Joseph Lambert, of his making death threats to them, have been filed by his former colleagues. Deputies Levaillant Louis-Jeune and Saurel Jacinthe, who worked with Lambert for INITE and LESPWA are alleging, by filing formal complaints with the Court of First Instance, that he has made threats against their lives.

The Government Commissioner, Me Lucmane Delile affirmed his receipt of the complaints in his role as Chief of Parquet. Delille has further stated a desire to become better acquainted with the circumstances before pushing forward with the pending lawsuits. Further corroborating the separate testimonies is Marie Yolene Gilles from RNDDH (National Network for the Defense of Human Rights) who confirms they were in receipt of sworn testimonies from Haitian citizens, though she declined to say specifically from whom. Details of the threats are scarce, but already tales of a plot to murder the two men, once Presidents of the Chamber, on April 29 have also been reported.

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Electoral Council Controversy over Nehemie Joseph Nomination

President Martelly went on the attack last week when he heard Parliament had nominated Nehemie Joseph to be on the provisional electoral council. Parliament feels Joseph, who formerly sat on the Supreme Council of the Judiciary, will best support the electoral council's mission: to run a fair, transparent, and impartial tabulation of voter ballots on Election Day.

No one knows what makes Martelly challenge Joseph's nomination. All Martelly says is a conspiracy to undermine his administration is the reason behind the nomination. Martelly and his advisor, Joseph Lambert, say Parliament's unacceptable choice of Joseph is reason enough to keep the unsavory Josue Pierre-Louis on the electoral council.

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Joseph Lambert Vs Deputy Levaillant Louis-Jeune, Round Four

The ongoing battle between Former Haitian Senator Joseph Lambert and Deputy Levaillant Louis-Jeune

This week, former Senator Joseph Lambert put on his cowboy hat and boots and tok to the streets of Port-au-Prince in search of Deputy Levaillant Louis-Jeune. Unfortunately, the two did not meet

I can only imagine what would have happened in the event of an actual meeting. Are you familiar with old wild west. It could have been some real confrontation between these two.

Joseph Lambert:

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Joseph Lambert, Youri Latortue and Yvon Buissereth want to return, Moise Jean Charles

The story of the citizenship of Michel Martelly continues to occupy front page in the news. The latest I heard today is from Senator Moise Jean Charles who stated that the three senators who gave their resignation last week want to comeback to the panel. Senators Joseph Lambert, Youri Latortue and Yvon Buissereth want to return according to Moise jena Charles. The Senator from North Department said that the three Haitian senators miscalculated the outcome and thought that the investigation would have been closed with the presentation of these passports by President Michel Martelly.

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President Michel Martelly has American and Italian Citizenship, So What !

The most important news coming out of Haiti for he past few weeks has been allegation that president Michel Martelly is not only Haitian. According to Senator Moise Jean Charles, The Haitian President has been lying about his citizenship. Moise told everyone that he has proof that our beloved President Martelly holds both American and Italian citizenship and consequently not qualified to be the President of Haiti.

Senator Joseph Lambert confirmed yesterday that two members of the Government cabinet so far have been found to be of foreign nationality. The Commission responsible to investigate the matter plans to travel outside of the country to Washington DC as well as to many other countries to verify the nationality of President Michel Martelly.

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