Jovenel Moise

Will there be a Presidential Election in Haiti on January 24, 2016

Haiti Election Run-Off, January 24, 2016

From what i have observed lately, it seems that the Executive government and the CEP are living in one planet while the opposition is in another one. While major preparations are underway by the Haitian President as well as the President of the CEP for a final confrontation between candidate Jovenel Moise and Jude Celestin, the opposition can see clearly the arrival of a transitional government in Haiti to clean up the mess left by both President Michel Martelly and the CEP who have been bug down with corruption, fraud and manipulation of the previous elections. According to the CEP, the campaign season has began, starting today, January 8 to January 22. in the meantime, LAPEH camp said that there can not be an election with only one candidate, in another way, Jude Celestin will not take part on this.

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Gonzague Day di: Pa gen moun ki ap aksepte Jovenel Moise kom Prezidan

Delege depatmantal lwès, Louis Gonzague Edner Day

Louis Gonzague Edner Day, yon zanmi pwòch Prezidan Michel Martelly ak ansyen Deleguee depatmantal West te di ke pa gen yon sèl moun ki pral aksepte Jovenel Moise kòm pwochen Prezidan an Ayiti. Deklarasyon an te fè yè (12/115/15) nan radyo "Envite du jour" ak Valery Numa, Vision 2000. Day mete kandida PHTK a responsab pou kriz la, li di ke Jovenel Moise se kòz dirèk nan aktyèl kriz eleksyon an Ayiti. Li pa dakò wout Prezidan Michel Martelly ap eseye pran pou enpoze kandida PHTK sou peyi a.

Kisa ou panse?


No one will accept Jovenel Moise as President, said Gonzague Day

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Jovenel Moise, mwen pa t resevwa okenn dikte nan men Kenneth Merten

Who is Jovenel Moise?

Kandida Prezidansyèl pou pati PHTK a soti pou fè montre ke se li ki pwòp met tèt li epi li pa enfliyanse pa fòs etranje. Li konfime rankont li ak Koòdonatè Espesyal pou Ayiti nan Depatman Eta a, Kenneth Merten; sepandan li te di ke li pa t 'resevwa okenn dikte nan men l'. Li te tou deklare ke nan tan lontan, sa a te enpresyon l tou ke kominote entènasyonal la te toujou bay lòd, men jodi a li konnen pi byen.

Jovenel Moïse, I did not receive any diktat from Kenneth Merten

The Presidential candidate for the PHTK went out of his way to show that he is standing on his own and not influenced by the by outside force. He confirmed his meeting with the Special Coordinator for Haiti at the State Department, Kenneth Merten; however did not receive any diktat from him. He also stated that in the past, this was his impression that the international community was command but today he knows better.

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Jovenel Moise, Mwen pa gen okenn pist nan jaden Bannann, pa anko

Jovenel Moise, Neg Bannan nan

PHTK kandida Jovenel Moise pa t 'vle popilasyon ayisyen an dwe kite avèk enpresyon a ke li te kiltivasyon plis ke bannann. Li te finalman bay yon repons bay akizasyon an ki sot pase nan Ansyen Prezidan nan Sena Simon Dieuseul Desras ki te akize li ap lè l sèvi avèk bannann plantasyon an Nord-Est la pou trafik kokayin. Jovenel rejte akizasyon an, ki di ke li se pa yon konsesyonè dwòg. Li te ale sou yo di ke ak volim li nan pwodiksyon, yon avyon se aktyèlman nesesè men li pa te konsidere kòm nan moman sa a akòz mank de resous yo.

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Pa pral genyen okenn eleksyon 27 Desanm, Moise Jean Charles

Moise Jean Charles Speaks Out

Dapre Moise Jean Charles ki yon Kandida pou prezidan ak manm nan G8 la, Osi lontan ke Jovenel Moïse rete nan ras la ou ka bliye zafè eleksyon ane sa a. Pou eleksyon posib 27 Desanm , pa sèlman Jovenel Moise dwe soti nan konpetisyon an, men tou plizyè konseye elektoral ak chanjman nan gouvènman an. Kandida anba banyè "pitit Dessalin" lan di sèlman apre yo fin fè chanjman sa yo ke nou ca kòmanse pale osijè eleksyon.


There will be no elections on December 27, Moise Jean Charles

Jean-Charles Moïse (48) is a presidential candidate from his own Platfom Pitit Desalin. In the last October 25, 2015 election, he came third with 14.27% (229,109) votes, after Jovenel Moïse (PHTK) and Jude Celestin (LAPEH). This former Senator from the North and three times Mayor of Milot with a swell of public support is facing an uphill climb against the machinery of Martelly administration and electoral apparatus funded by the international community. During his election campaign, he has promised if he wins the election, he will work on food self-sufficiency and make significant changes in the health sector. PetroCaribe fund will be used, giving priority to road infrastructure, schools and universities and professional centers. Adequate public housing programs will be made for teachers and police officers.

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Sauveur P. Etienne di Kole ou pran, pa kole ou pran Ak Jovenel Moise

Sauveur Pierre Etienne

Ansyen Kandida Sauveur Pierre Etienne panse li initil pou Jude Celestin ale nan yon eleksyon ak kandida Jovenel Moise. pwochen Prezidan Ayiti an te deja chwazi. Se kandida PHTK, Jovenel Moise. Dapre Mesye Pierre Etienne, diskisyon aktyèl la se pa sou prezidan an, men pito ki moun ki pral Premye Minis anba Jovenel Moise. Li di te gen yon batay ant Minis Touris Stephanie Villedrouin Balmir ak Minis Wilson Laleau kòm tou de nan yo enterese a pozisyon an

Former Presidential candidate Sauveur Pierre Étienne thinks it is useless for Jude Celestin to go to a rund off election with candidate Jovenel Moise. For him, wheter or not Jude participates in the run off, the next president of Haiti has already been selected and it is none other than the candidate of PHTK, Jovenel Moise. in addition, according to Mr. Pierre Etienne, the current discussion is not about the nest president but rather who will be the next Prime Minister under Jovenel Moise. He said there was a fight between Haiti Tourism Minister Stephanie Villedrouin Balmir and Minister Wilson Laleau as both of them are interested

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Is Jude Celestin playing the G8 members or will he go to Run-Off election?

Jude Celestin and Jovenel Moise

Since the official announcement by the CEP that Jovenel Moise and Jude Celestin are the two candidates qualified to run in the run-off election scheduled for December 27, lots of rumors have been circulating on whether or not Jude Celestin will eventually accept to face the candidate of the President. According to Former Senator Jean Hector Anacacis, Jude Celestin doesn't know yet whether or not he will go to the run-off election with Jovenel Moise. He stated that they are currently meeting with other members of the G8 to expand the candidates who have been protesting the election. The question remains: will he break with the opposition and go for it? Is he using the other G8 members, looking for support and later on drop them? When will he know exactly?

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BCEN issues his verdict making Maryse Narcisse not so happy

The Coordinator Of Fanmi Lavalas, Dr. Maryse Narcisse

The BCEN has issued its verdict in favor of the allegation of Candidates Maryse Narcisse and Vilaire Cluny Duroseau. Fifty(50) "Proce Verbal" randomly selected judged non conforming based on the irregularity observed by the BCEN. As a result the Tabulation center is ordered to conduct an new tabulation, taking into consideration these "Proce Verval". In regard to the demand of Maryse Narcisse for the exclusion of candidate Jovenel Moise and the elimination of the entire electoral process, they have been rejected by the BCEN. As you may remember, out of all those who denounced the election results of November 5, only Dr. Maryse Narcisse and Vilaire Cluny Duroseau filed claims to contest the results before the deadline.

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Protest against PHTK Candidate Jovenel Moise in New York

Who is Jovenel Moise?

Several dozens of Haitian were protesting on Saturday (November 21) outside of the Manor Palace in New York City as candidate Jovenel Moise was talking to a group of people inside. It was reported that protesters were present at every appearance of the PHTK candidate. It was remarked that the treatment received by Jovenel Moïse was that of a Haitian official and not of a candidate. He was welcomed at New York airport by a delegation from the Consul General of Haiti in New York driven in state cars. It is assumed that his expenses for the trips are being covered by the Haitian and U.S. government.

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New Poll, Joven Moise should have been in Fourth position

Haiti Election 2010 Marked By Fraud

The idea that the last election in Haiti was taken over by fraud is not only the perception of some of the candidates. The population is increasingly feeling the same way. According to poll conducted by a team of researchers with the Brazil-based Igarape Institute, public confidence in the Haitian society has plummeted from the time of the election to now. On November 25, 82 percent of the population considered the election was fair and that there was no fraud. However, few days ago, after the same question was asked, 90 percent of the population disagreed and believe that the election was rigged with massive fraud. Even more interesting, when the voters were asked who they voted for, only 6 percent said they voted for candidate Jovenel Moise, which would have placed him in fourth position.

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