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Kole Ou Pran, Pa Kole Ou Pran Ak Jovenel Moise

After several meetings of the G8 candidates, the number two candidate Jude Celestin has threatened to forgo his participation in the final presidential runoff on December 27, 2015. On November 28th, the G8 candidates had given an ultimatum about holding elections where they had mentioned that no honest, transparent and credible election is possible under the presidency of Joseph Michel Martelly in conjunction with the functioning CEP (Provisional Electoral Council) along with the support of the present Police Nationale d'Haïti (PNH).

A transitional government is required to hold a free and credible election, which would be empowered to adopt a new constitution with various reforms needed to organize a credible election within next two years. The ultimatum was signed by all the G8 candidates.

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FLASH - Jovenel Moise and Jude Celestin declared winners

The Preliminary results of the presidential election in Haiti is now public. The big winners are Jovenel Moise and Jude Celestin

On late Thursday, November 5, 2015, as per the preliminary announcement of the first round results of presidential elections by the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP), Jovenel Moise, the thirty seven year-old main promoter of the Agritrans banana export project in Haiti, a candidate from the outgoing President Martelly's Tet Kale political party, is much ahead of his two closest contenders Jude Celestin and Moise Jean Charles. Jude Celestin is a 53 year-old Swiss educated Mechanical Engineer, executive director of the government's construction ministry and Moise Jean Charles is a former Senator, representing the banner of Platform Pitit Desalin.

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Jovenel Moise would have wan 53 percent of the vote

If you want to believe the words of candidate Sauveur Pierre Etienne as accomplished facts, than you would believe that there will not be a run off presidential election in Haiti. According to Sauveur Pierre Etienne's own sources, the Spanish Company SOLAR will declare the PHTK candidate the winner of the election by winning at 53 percent of the votes.

Mr. Etienne also stated that representatives of seven political parties are currently in discussion to counter this act and that they will be issuing a press release later today to make public their stand. He had already contacted Jude Celestin, Samuel Madistin, Eric jean Baptiste, Jean Henry Ceant, Steven Benoit and Moise Jean Charles.

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Possible alliance between PHTK, BOUCLIER, Renmen Ayiti

Information obtained from some reliable sources confirmed that there is currently discussion underway to increase the chances of the PHTK candidate Jovenel Moise to win the next Presidential election. We were told that there is a great possibility that the candidates Steeve Khawly of BOUCLIER and Jean Henry Céant from Renmen Ayiti to join PHTK candidate Jovenel Moise.

Nothing has been made public yet. However, the plan is for the candidates of BOUCLIER and Renmen Ayiti to withdraw their candidacy and throw their support behind Jovenel Moise. This is not a done deal yet but it is possible that an announcement will be made soon in this regard.

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Haiti's First Big Organic Banana Crop Enters Euro zone

The first crop of organic bananas has been harvested, and is on its way to Europe and parts of the Caribbean. A German cargo ship docked at the coastal city of Cap Haitien to pick up and transport 100 tons of organic bananas. Before the ship left Haiti, German quality assurance professionals examined the load of 8,000 bunches of bananas.

AGRITRANS, part of an agriculture association, is elated it has met the challenge to permit it to export organic bananas to the Euro zone market. In two years time, AGRITRANS expects 450 containers of organic bananas to be exported every week to Europe.

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Jovenel Moise, Presidential Candidate for PHTK

Jovenel Moise, a presidential candidate from the President Martelly's PTHK party has laid a plethora of promises before his prospective voters. If he is elected, he would continue the development works undertaken by President Martelly-- create excellence in every department.

To protect peasants' property he will reinstate 'rural police' a unit within the PNH. The armed forces will be rebuilt, put Haiti on the world map of exporting countries; there will be autonomy in the economic, financial and social sectors. There will be more jobs in the agriculture sector, every opportunity for development in agricultural production and its export will be critically studied. A strong judicial system will be established in the country.

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Two-Page Document Plan to Salvage Candidate Jovenel Moise

Recently, on September 26, 2015, the Haitian government has denied the authenticity of a memo alleged to be issued by "the Strategic Bureau for Jovenel Moïse" addressing the party leader of PHTK, President Martelly, and copies circulated among five high ranking party officials (like, President, Secretary, Treasurer, etc). The second page of the document clearly suggests, among other things, a clear indication, an attempt to keep the ruling party of President Martelly into power by defrauding the state. It reveals the PHTK party's effort to shield aggressive and detrimental campaign against their candidate Jovenel Moise and steps to make him victorious against his closest rival another presidential candidate, Jude Célestin, under the banner of "Alternative League for Progress and Haitian Emancipation" (LAPEH). The memo dated September 14, shows that when Jovenel Moise failed miserably to secure a laudable attendance of supporters in his hometown during a campaign rally in Cap-Haitien stadium, the officials of PHTK platform prepared 12 "non-negotiable" measures of President Michel Martelly which they believed, were required for Moise's win in the October 25 election. To finance Moise's victory a master plan was prepared. The request of the Haitian business organization to ban imports of 23 products by land was accepted in exchange of $2 million in campaigning finance. However, the document does not have any hand written signature.

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