Haiti National Police Recruitment Standards

One of the biggest problems facing recruitment of police officers in Haiti National Police's history is interference from former military officers (MO) of the Haitian Army. These interlopers have swayed the politics of the HNP, especially in the area of human rights, a necessary part of modern law enforcement. Their influence has led to abuses against politicians, political dissenters, and law-abiding citizens.


The MOs have and continue to be appointed to administrative positions within the Haiti National Police, gravely affecting the recruitment policies of hiring new officer trainees. What has taken place is training officers, some of them MOs, have used orientation and training methods unethical and insufficient in the enforcement areas of human rights violations, drug trafficking, embezzlement, and violent crimes, have corrupted the recruitment, orientation and training, and functioning of the HNP.

To overcome the corruptive influence of the MOs on the recruitment and orientation of officer trainees, the administrative department of the HNP has developed a set of guidelines to manage recruitment, transfer, and promotion within the Haiti National Police's ranks, and make it free of outside interference. These guidelines include:

• Invoking the Haiti Constitution to ban government interference in Haiti National Police's management functions.
• Making transparent to the public via media outlets equal opportunity employment job openings.
• Raising standards for hiring selection process, including background checks, psychological testing, and previous job performance.
• Implementing stringent recruitment and testing standards.
• Raising professional standards.
• Requesting international community support for background checks, performance abilities, and psychological assessment.

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