Haitian National Police Judicial Division

The Haitian National Police (HNP) retains a detective division, the Central Directorate of the Judicial Police (DCPJ). One of HNP's special units, it operates six offices over 30 sections in the country. Headquartered in Clercine, all its services--excluding Police Science and Technology Center--are under one roof.


The DCPJ's purpose is to secure the crime scene, assemble forensic evidence, and look for suspects to bring to trial. Its most important function is to infiltrate organized crime syndicates. The Judicial Police works as well in fighting international crime syndicates in alliance with Interpol, the international police.
Due to the varied kinds of crimes and criminals, who commit them, the Judicial Police adapts their techniques and processes to capture, incarcerate, and bring them to trial.

The DCPJ is made up of eight service specialties:

• Criminal Affairs Bureau
• Research and Intervention Brigade
• Judicial Information Bureau
• Protection of Minors Brigade
• Controlling of Narcotics Trafficking Brigade
• Police Scientific and Technical Bureau
• Financial and Economic Affairs Brigade
• Anti-Kidnapping Cell

With this infrastructure in place, it is easy to assume that the DCPJ is effective in carrying out their mission. But their effectiveness is dependent on the HNP's ability to police the nation. The international community has stepped in to strengthen crime-fighting operations, but HNP's member force is still inadequate. Many calls for help go unanswered, police corruption is a constant, and the endemic crime and paralyzing warfare threaten to undo what little progress has been made. These reasons undermine the functioning of the Judicial Police.

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