Haiti will not accept immigrants at risk of statelessness

The Dominican Republic doesn't want them. Now, according to the latest news, neither does Haiti. The Haitian Foreign Minister Lener Renauld announced that his country will not receive any immigrants who are not Haitians. This decision was taken following to counter the decision of the Dominican Republic to deport both Haitian nationals as well as some Dominicans with root to Haiti.


The Haitian government is currently in what some would call a diplomatic war with its neighbor over the immigration issue. Haitian Foreign Minister Lener Renauld had denounced some of the decisions adopted by the Dominican government, which did not include a protocol for an orderly repatriation of undocumented migrants.

On the other hand, the Dominican government reacted strongly by saying that they need not consult with a foreign government over their own immigration laws.

Renauld is evaluating his next step. He will take the problem to the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and the Organization of American States (OAS)

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Raymond Lafontant says...

Haiti should be opened to all human being, those in difficulties before the others.

And, those living in the DR are, at first, Haitian by blood and color as stated by our laws. the minister forgets our

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