Haiti wants to cut Haiti-Dominican border markets to one day

The Dominican Republic officials received a proposal from the Haitian officials that the markets which appear on the Haiti-Dominican border twice every week be cut down to once a week. This information was revealed by Luis Rodriguez on Tuesday July 2, 2013. Luis Rodriguez is the Agriculture Minister of Dominican Republic. The Haiti-Dominican border markets show up on Monday and Friday every week.


The Dominican government on the other had responded by stating that it does not want to trim down the trade relations between the two countries and hence, it will remain the way it is. Luis Rodriguez stated from National Palace that the Haitian government wants to cut the trades to once a week probably because they want to reduce non-payment of taxes.

Rodriguez went further stating that the country (Haiti) is currently facing serious management funds and is willing to take any step that will help the nation to increase its revenue and the trimming down of the border markets to once a week is one of the viable options.

Luis Rodriguez also mentioned that Port-au-Prince is yet to respond to the proposal of free trade pact between the two Hispaniola Countries by Saint Domingo. The pact will be aimed towards helping Haiti customs to collect taxes. Luis Rodriguez stated that this has not yet been implemented because of the widespread informality in Haiti. Saint Domingo is waiting for Haitian response and hence, it can be expected that the Haiti-Dominican border markets will not be cut down to once a week anytime soon.

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Subject: Haiti wants to cut Haiti-Dominican border markets to one day edit

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