Max Beauvoir Biochemist and Voodoo Houngan

Haitian Max Gesner Beauvoir's profession was as a biochemist, but he also pursued a calling to become a Voodoo houngan. Beauvoir took his studies at the City College of New York, earning an associate degree in chemistry. He completed his education at the Sorbonne, earning an undergraduate degree in biochemistry. His career path led him to Cornell Medical Center, and then to a position as an engineer for the Digital Equipment Company, where he researched the topic of plant-derived hydrocortisone.


The event of Beauvoir's father's death motivated him to return to Haiti. Not long after he arrived back home, in 1973 he felt an urge to become a Voodoo priest, a houngan. He ascended to the heights of Voodoo priesthood, finally attaining the title Supreme Servitur, which gave him great status among the other Voodoo leaders.

Beauvoir founded several organizations, religious and non-religious. Beginning in 1974 he started Le Peristyle de Mariani, a healthcare clinic for the poor. He went so far as to challenge the Duvalier dictatorship they do a better job in providing medical attention to the poor. He escaped being tormented and / or killed by Duvalier's Tonton Macoutes, because of his status as a houngan.

He began the Group for Studies and Research on the African Tradition, Bode Nasyonal, Temple of Yehwe, was a founding partner of KOSANBA, and originator of Federasyon Nasyonal Vodou Ayisyen to give Voodoo much-needed creditability as a religion.

Beauvoir passed away on September 12th, 2015.

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Shime Leroys says...

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Shime Leroys says...

de on bel tet rempli qui aller avec tou connaissance li e ce pas premier qui aller

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