Michel Martelly celebrating three years in Office

This is something you can see for yourself. The third anniversary of the Government of Michel Martelly was celebrated in Champ-de-Mars this Wednesday, May 14, 2014 in front of an imposing crowd.


According to the number of people who were present at Champ-de-Mars to celebrate with the president, I can only make two conclusions: it's either the government or its supporters did a great job to gather all these people in Champ-de-Mars or the population is really satisfied with the accomplishments of his government.

Here is the video showing a large crowd of people in Champ-de-Mars to celebrate the three years of Michel Martelly in office

So what is it exactly?

On the one hand, I heard many things as to how the government and its supporters managed to get all these people in one place. It includes, robo calls, busing and other strategies However, one needs to give credit to the government for its capacity to motivate all these people as well.

Krekol Pale, Kreyol Konpran....
Mwen panse Tet opozisyon an cho lè ke yo ouè tout moun sa yo ke Presidan Martelly mete deyor pou li celebre twa ans li sou pouvwa.

Banm montre ou pouki sa yo pè et avek rezon. Ak tout moun sa yo ke prezidan an mete deyor pou li celebre twa ans sa, li kapab fè anpil bagay ake li:

1) Sa ba li yon posibilite pou li vole eleksyon an et li ka jistifye li lè ke li montre ke li gin anpil sippor
2) Mwen panse objektif tout moun sa yo ke gouvenman an rassamble sou chan Mas, se pou li montre Cominote Internasional la ke yo kapab ba Pati Tet kale-a preske tout sit yo nan Eleksyon kap vini an

Banm poze ou de ti questions:

1) Ki moun ki bay resilta eleksyon an Ayiti?

2) Eske nou panse ke Kominote Internasyonal la vle yon Palman an Ayiti ki pa ka travay avek Gouvenman Martelly?

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Matkenson Jean-baptiste says...

Ki moun ki bay resilta eleksyon an Ayiti?Mwen ta chwazi 3 kesyon ak repons 1- An 1990 Ki sak te bay rezilta eleksyon?

R- se te pepla 2-An 2001 sak te bay rezilta eleksyon?

Se te Aristid ak Preval ak fos ponyet yo. An 2011 le Preval tefe eleksyon an an fave ki yes li te fel R- Jude Celestin.Sak te prezidan?

Se te Michel Martely ak Prezans e mobilizasyon pep

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