Secret meeting between Martelly and G-8 causes Panic in Haitian Parliament

The members of the Haitian parliament have not been sleeping too well lately, specially after they head about the issues that were discussed in a supposedly secret meeting between President Michel Martelly and the opposition group G-8. Although this particular meeting is classified as "Secret Meeting" but.... we all know... it's Haiti..... This meeting supposedly took place on Tuesday, February 2nd. What actually gave members of the 50th legislative insomnia was a proposition by the G-8 to Martelly to do away with the newly elected legislators. The G-8 proposed the creation of a transitional government headed by the President for the Court of Cassation and also for the President to revoke his recent Government order to annul the recent legislative election.


This would be a blow and a death sentence to the current legislators waiting for the General Assembly to start working

What do you think?

Haitian Kreyol:

Sekrè reyinyon ant Martelly ak G-8 lakòz panik Jeneral nan Palman Ayisyen an

Manm nan palman ayisyen an pa te dòmi twò byen dènyèman, espesyalman apre yo tande pwoblèm ki te diskite nan yon reyinyon sipozeman sekrè ant Prezidan Michel Martelly ak gwoup opozisyon G-8. Malgre ke reyinyon sa a an patikilye te klase kòm "Reyinyon sekrè" men .... nou tout konnen ... ke sa a se Ayiti ..... Reyinyon sa a sipozeman te pran plas nan Madi, 2 Fevriye . Ki sa ki te bay manm Palman an lensomni a se yon pwopozisyon ke G-8 fè.

G-8 pwopoze kreyasyon yon gouvènman tranzisyon ki ta dwe gen nan tèt li Prezidan Tribinal kasasyon epi tou pou Prezidan an revoke lòd ke li te pase Gouvènman l ' pou te aksepte dènye rezilta eleksyon yo, anilasyon eleksyon lejislatif la ki sot pase an.

Si sa arive pase, li ta dwe yon souflèt ak yon lanmò pou lejislatè kounye yo ki ap tann pou "Asanble Jeneral" la pou yo kòmanse travay.

Kisa ou panse?

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John says...

Too many senators and deputes, they need to change the constitution and get rid of all. The country does not need them. They are not doing anything constructive any way. And for the kidnappers, the only way to stop them is to go back to public executions.

It sounds barbaric, but that's the only

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Subject: Secret meeting between Martelly and G-8 causes Panic in Haitian Parliament edit

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