Mirebalais University Hospital separates Conjoined Twins

University Hospital of Mirebalais (HUM) has delivered a miracle, the successful separation of conjoined twins, the first procedure of its kind in Haiti. Manoucheca Ketan discovered she was going to bear triplets during an ultrasound. It shocked the poverty-stricken mother-to-be, but even more alarming was the news two of the fetuses were conjoined female twins. The pressures were enormous for Ketan, for it was estimated surgery to separate them plus pre- and post-natal care would amount to approximately $100,000.


A relative recommended Ketan get the procedure done at HUM for free. The hospital opened in 2013 and uses cutting-edge technology. HUM's OB-GYN Director, Dr. Christophe Milien, assured Ketan he and the surgery team would do everything possible ". . . to keep these babies alive."

The HUM team was hoping to lengthen Ketan's pregnancy to 30 weeks for the best results. Ketan exceeded that goal, reaching 36 weeks before contractions began. November 24th Ketan safely delivered the triplets. HUM's team had to wait six months before they could perform the separation surgery.

The twins did well over the six-month period. During this time HUM put together an international surgical team. Two dozen doctors and nurses would perform the seven-hour surgery. The separation itself took not much more than an hour. The twins by nightfall were in the ICU, stabilized and sleeping well.

The twins recovered quickly and Ketan, grateful to HUM, says "I would love to see them develop their full potentials in whatever path they choose"

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