Moise Jean Charles wounded during protest

Senator Steven Benoit was not the only one who had a difficult day yesterday. Senator Moise Jean Charles was also wounded during their confrontation with the police as he was protesting the decision of the CEP not have an independent panel to investigate allegation of fraud during the past election. According to Moise this is a grave incident that took place yesterday. This was a quiet manifestation and the moment he was ready to speak to the crowd, Police opened fire. He also stated that the government is the one responsible for creating an atmosphere of panic in the country. They have a mission to fight. Stand up and fight


Senatè Moise Jean Charles te blese pandan pwotestazyon an tou. Dapre Moise, sa a se yon ensidan grav ki te fèt yè. Pandan yon manifestasyon trankil nan moman li te pare pou pale ak foul moun yo, Polis louvri zam sou yo. Li deklare ke gouvènman an se youn nan responsab pou kreye yon atmosfè panik nan peyi a. Yo gen yon misyon pou yo goumen.

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Shime says...

ti blesse ca moin oue a ce jouer yo tap jouer ak

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