Pa pral genyen okenn eleksyon 27 Desanm, Moise Jean Charles

Dapre Moise Jean Charles ki yon Kandida pou prezidan ak manm nan G8 la, Osi lontan ke Jovenel Moïse rete nan ras la ou ka bliye zafè eleksyon ane sa a. Pou eleksyon posib 27 Desanm , pa sèlman Jovenel Moise dwe soti nan konpetisyon an, men tou plizyè konseye elektoral ak chanjman nan gouvènman an. Kandida anba banyè "pitit Dessalin" lan di sèlman apre yo fin fè chanjman sa yo ke nou ca kòmanse pale osijè eleksyon.



There will be no elections on December 27, Moise Jean Charles

Jean-Charles Moïse (48) is a presidential candidate from his own Platfom Pitit Desalin. In the last October 25, 2015 election, he came third with 14.27% (229,109) votes, after Jovenel Moïse (PHTK) and Jude Celestin (LAPEH). This former Senator from the North and three times Mayor of Milot with a swell of public support is facing an uphill climb against the machinery of Martelly administration and electoral apparatus funded by the international community. During his election campaign, he has promised if he wins the election, he will work on food self-sufficiency and make significant changes in the health sector. PetroCaribe fund will be used, giving priority to road infrastructure, schools and universities and professional centers. Adequate public housing programs will be made for teachers and police officers.

According to Moise Jean Charles, Presidential candidate and member of the G8, As long as Jovenel Moïse remains in the race you can forget about any election this year. For any election to be possible on December 27,

Not only Jovenel Moise must be out of the competition but also several electoral advisers with changes in the government. The candidate under the banner "Pitit Dessalin" said only after these changes that we ca start talking about election.

What do you think?

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George Rodriguez says...

hi. i'm an international freelance correspondent based in costa rica. i have a question: what's the origin of the party name name "pitit dessalin"?

i have an idea, but i need to make sure. i follow haitian events, and am about to write a strory on the election pricess.


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Sime Leroy says...

djol qui ap bat li te domi sou ce normal pou li

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