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Jude Celestin and Moise Jean-Charles leading in Presidential poll

The Presidential election in Haiti is shaping up and we are now able to have a view on the potential winners. The Office of Research in Computer Science and Economic and Social Development (BRIDES) just released the results of a national survey of voting intentions of the Haitian population for the upcoming election that shows Jude Célestin and Moïse Jean-Charles as leading candidates for the presidential seat.

While many candidates are very satisfied with the result of the recent poll conducted by BRIDES, many others had some strong reactions against it as well. at the presidential level, the polling showed that only 15 candidates obtain 1% or more of the vote.

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Moise Jean-Charles sees himself as the next President of Haiti

The next presidential election in Haiti is expected to bring lot of surprises. For the candidate of Platform of the radical opposition "Pitit Dessalin" this is already a given. Moïse Jean-Charles declared recently that the October 25 presidential will be only a formality because as he sees it, he is already the next president of Haiti.

Candidate Jean-Charles took a look at the competition and say no real challenge to his candidacy. According to Moïse Jean-Charles, "Neither the government of Michel Martelly nor the international community have candidates capable of competing with him".

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Is Moise Jean Charles in yet? not until the fat lady (CEP) sings

Although former Senator Moïse Jean Charles has passed the first step to become officially a candidate for the next Presidential election, he is not in yet. The candidacy of Jean Charles can still be rejected and many people are waiting for the decision of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) who will release the final list of the candidates. This decision will be final and it is expected any time now.


Malgre ke ansyen Senatè Moïse Jean Charles pase premye etap la pou li vin ofisyèlman yon kandida pou pwochen eleksyon prezidansyèl , li pa ankò andedan. Kandidati Jean Charles ka toujou rejte. Anpil moun ap tann pou desizyon Konsèy Elektoral Pwovizwa a (KEP) ki pral lage lis final non kandida yo. Desizyon sa a pral final e li espere nenpòt ki lè kounye a.

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Senators of G6 Opposition pull the break on meeting with Michel Martelly

Not so fast man, that is the reaction of the 6 Senators in opposition who were supposed to meet with President Michel Martelly at the National Palace today. They were supposed to meet meeting this Monday, 01 September 2014, at 11am to find ways to iron their differences.

I can picture this already: Michel Martelly coming out of the meeting with Senator Moise Jean Charles, hugging each other. Don't keep your hope, this will never happen

No meeting with President Michel martelly will take place until the Senators meet with the real political parties in opposition. This meeting is scheduled to take place on September 2nd.

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Maryse Narcisse, Pasha Vorbe and Antony Dessources for Fanmi Lavalas

An occasion to be talked about for months to come, the recent staging of the first meeting for inter-Haitian dialogue was witness to the presence of representatives of the party Fanmi Lavalas, staunch opponents of the dialogue as before they had expressed that they did not feel the conditions were yet right to hold such talks. It was then, with great surprise, that the dialogue was presented with the party's coordinator, Maryse Narcisse, Antony Dessources and Pasha Vorbe.

Their newfound interest might have something to do with the fact that MOPOD recently threw themselves into the lot as a political party, all with the aim of ousting the current ruling administration of Martelly/Lamothe. Making the case even more curious when one remembers that it was just December 2, 2013 when Fanmi Lavalas itself denounced two of their own leading members, Deputy Arnel Bélizaire and Senator Moïse Jean-Charles, for demanding much the same thing.

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Fanmi Lavalas changes course, now wants Michel Martelly out

The Lavalas Political Party must admit this: Moise Jean Charles has demonstrated that he is more stable than the hierarchy of the Lavalas Party, including Maryse Narcisse and team. After they publicly announced their distance with Moise Jean Charle and Arnel Belizaire, joined the table of inter-Haitian dialogue, they finally realized that Moise Jean Charles was right after all. Fanmi Lavalas changed course, calling for general elections.

The "On" again, "Off" again positions of the Lavalas party.

As part of their new position, Fanmi Lavalas announces a big demonstration for Thursday, February 27, to demand the organization of general elections this year.

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Moise Jean Charles, FOPARK and the slogan Eleksyon ou Demisyon

In analyzing the current political situation in Haiti, I can safely say there is no way that Moise Jean Charles of FOPARK will be able to force Michel Martelly out of office within the next week or at least within the next 3 three months. Therefore, they will have to return and modify their famous slogan: "Eleksyon ou Demisyon". In another term, the opposition is full of "Hot Air"

Here are the reasons why I came up with this conclusion: Either intentionally or due to our historic inability to find consensus or agree on almost anything, there has been a major split in the opposition. Since the controversy that existed when members of the FOPARK wanted to demonstrate in front of the US Embassy in Port-au-Prince while the Lavalas party would not take any part of it, manifestations against Martelly government do not have any steam. Also, The State Department put all its weight behind the government of Michel Martelly and said publicly that the current government must finish its 5 years term.

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Moise Jean-Charles in open conflict with Fanmi Lavalas Hierarchy

People say a picture is worth a thousand words. With this new development in the Fanmi Lavalas where there is a public conflict between Senator Moise Jean-Charles and Deputy Arnel Belizaire on the one side and Maryse Narcisse, Pasha Vorbe and Claude Roumain on the other, I call it simple Sibling Rivalry.

Mezanmi, Mwen ta Konseye Nou Gade Bagay la Pi Prè

Here is the picture that makes sense to me in term of how I see the new and restructured Lavalas Party following this new development:


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Moise Jean Charles, Woue Pa Woue, Manifestasyon Douvan Ambasad

According to Moise Jean Charles, the anti-government demonstration will take place at the U.S. Embassy in Tabarre November 29. They will be in Tabarre to give a message to the US Ambassador. Moise Jean Charles wants the Americans to come and remove Michel martelly from office.

Mezanmi Moise Jean Charles di li Pap Fe bak. Vle pa Vle, Woue Pa Woue, Pare Pa pare, Randevou devan Ambasad. Mezanmi Gin gro neg oui nan payi sa.

According to Moise Jean charles after unsuccessful attempt to meet the children of Petion in Petion-Ville, the children of Dessalines will meet Uncle sam

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Senate Moise Jean-Charles ape Depoze en France - Video

This is a video of Senator Moise Jean-Charles in a televised discussion that was held in French. The Senator of North was obligated to express himself in the French language.

Senator Moise Jean-Charles received lots of critics for his ability to express himself in French.

Senator Moise Jean-Charles is definitely a controversial figure in Haitian politic. He has been defending the mass and is in total opposition to the government of Michel Martelly whom he accused for corruption and drug dealing.

When it comes to Moise Jean-Charles, you are either for or against him. If you are for him you likely love his message. On the other hand, if you don't agree with him, you likely have very strong feeling against his person.

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