Jude Célestin and Moïse Jean-Charles leading in Presidential poll

The Presidential election in Haiti is shaping up and we are now able to have a view on the potential winners. The Office of Research in Computer Science and Economic and Social Development (BRIDES) just released the results of a national survey of voting intentions of the Haitian population for the upcoming election that shows Jude Célestin and Moïse Jean-Charles as leading candidates for the presidential seat.


While many candidates are very satisfied with the result of the recent poll conducted by BRIDES, many others had some strong reactions against it as well. at the presidential level, the polling showed that only 15 candidates obtain 1% or more of the vote.

Here is the result of the polling for the presidential race:

1. Jude CELESTIN (LAPEH), 15.1

2. Jean-Charles MOISE (PITIT DESSALINES), 9.6

3. Jean-Henry Céant, 7.8

4. Jovenel MOISE (P.H.T.K), 6.1


6. Irvenson Steven BENOIT (KONVIKSYON), 3.2

7. Sauveur Pierre ETIENNE (OPL), 3.0

8. Charles Henri Jn Marie BAKER (RESPE), 2.5


10. Simon Dieuseul DESRAS (PALMIS), 1.5

11. Jean-Chavannes JEUNE (CANAAN), 1.3

12. Jean Clarens RENOIS (UNIR-AYITI INI), 1.3


14. Eric JEAN BAPTISTE (M.A.S), 1.0

15. Beauzile Edmonde SUPPLICE (FUSION), Jean-Henry Céant

What do you think?

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Julio De Castro says...

When will the first black Republic will have proper election?

Proper electoral council?

Proper candidates for Deputy, senator and president?

I am tired of those bad elections guided by the bourgeoisie and the

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