Max Badette, Haitian singer

Max Badette is a famous Haitian singer who has been able to make out of being a great professional at what he does. There is a great deal of talent exhibited by the kind of songs he writes most of which are aimed at addressing the various issues affecting the society such as love. He combines different kinds of singing styles where he is able to easily bring about the Kompa style from Haiti and can easily combine it with some of the French singing styles to come up with some great songs.


There are some great types of songs Max Badette has come up with alone on solos where he has been able to easily entertain his fans all over the world. This has made him a star such that he is known all over the world and very much accepted by all who love his music.

Max Badette has also done some songs to promote the Haitian country. He tries to bring to light the kind of needy situation in the country where there are many suffering children and poor single mothers especially since the recent earthquake that rocked the country leaving a big number of people in absolute poverty and in need of help.

There is however little information available in the online sites where his biography is very limited such that gathering information about Badette is not such a simple thing to do. It would therefore be a good thing if you had any information that can be added to this site to add it here and once it has been authenticate as accurate and true it will definitely be published here. It will be a highly appreciated effort.

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