Patrick Apollon AKA Patchouko, Haitian drummer

A Haitian born drummer who has been able to easily make out of his own ambitions, Patrick Apollon AKA Patchouko is known to have joined the Haitian music group Zin straight from its birth in 1990. He has been the drummer for the group ever since and has had a great career while at it. He was one of the few people able to make out of being self-driven and motivated people and for the kind of interests and love for music that they had. He has stayed with the group ever since its birth to today and has been able to make if out of being a great person in the industry.


Among the many Haitian stars Patrick Apollon, Patchouko stands alone as a person able to make it out of being a great person and for the kind of love he has for what he does. He was born and raised in Haiti where he established his love for the industry and where he nurtured and grew his talent to what it has become today. He is thus a great person and will forever be so.

There is however very little available in his biography in the websites and it would be a great honor if you had anything on him and offered it here by simply editing this article and giving whatever information that you may have. Once it has been authenticate and proven to be accurate information about Patrick Apollon AKA Patchouko definitely will be published and added to this article with the sole purpose and intention of preserving the history of the country and providing the information to future generations. This will ensure that the heritage of the country is preserved and that none of these great people is forgotten.

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