Mont Organise, Friendly Trade Partner of Dominican Republic

Mont Organise, part of the Ouanaminthe Arrondissement, under the Nord Est Department, lies very close to the Dominican Republic border in the north-east area of Haiti. Two sub-divisions comprise it, Wood Lice and Savanette.


Mont Organise's economy relies on trade activities conducted with the Dominican Republic (DR), whose borders are nearby. Not all trade is legal between the two countries. Smuggling operations exist, and both governments look the other way. Conflict between Haiti and the DR has had an intermittent history, but in some areas they show tolerance. One of them is the smuggling trade.

Mont Organise has pockets of gold and limestone secreted in ridges in its mountain regions. Mining operations are supervised by U.S. business firms there. The area also grows coffee for the export market.

Christianity, particularly the Catholic Church, has a strong presence, providing many basic services for the residents of Mont Organise. Catholicism and Voodoo have a reciprocal relationship here as in other communities in Haiti. Both religions are malleable and open to outside influences.

Haiti, a Spanish- and French-settled island, absorbed Catholicism as part of its colonization process. When slaves from the Congo immigrated to Haiti, they brought Voodoo with them, and the two beliefs have co-existed peacefully ever since. Voodoo has endured prejudice, being banned for a time. But in 2003, it was recognized by the government of Haiti as a legitimate practice. All over Haiti, in small towns like Mont Organise, the meshing of Catholicism and Voodoo is viewed as a natural evolution.

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