Consequences That Deadbeat Parents Face

Deadbeat parents pertain to a non-custodial mother or father who continuously fails to pay for child support. Many parents who have been ordered by a court to provide a certain amount of financial support to their kids have child support debt. This is because of various reasons such as financial incapability, loss of job, and other emergencies that affected the parent's ability to cover the child support. However, according to a study, there are also non-custodial parents who intentionally refuse to pay as a form of strike against their lack of visitation rights.


Though there can be many reasons why you are falling behind your child support obligation, you must know that there are consequences you will face as a deadbeat parent. The state can prevent you from getting a passport, as well as block your unemployment compensation. It can also offset your income tax refunds. Worse, you can be sent to jail for failing to pay for child support.

Keep in mind that being a deadbeat parent is never good. It can lead to legal problems, as well as another conflict with your ex-spouse. There are ways to fix it. You can ask for a modification of your child support payment arrangement if your current income is not enough to cover the existing one.

On the other hand, if you are the custodial parent and your former spouse has been missing payments, you can contact your child support agency and file a report. You will have to provide them details about the payments and your ex-partner's last known location when reporting to the agency.

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