Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs Help Reduce Unwanted Children

Teen pregnancy rates have fallen over the last 20 years largely due to many teen pregnancy prevention-programs. Education about preventing an unwanted pregnancy comes from several sources. Planned Parenthood, teen mentoring, comprehensive sex education, and pregnancy prevention aids have been helping to reduce pregnancy and birth rates for teen girls.


Teen mentoring programs teach life skills to prepare them for adult responsibilities. They also emphasize relationship skills, using adult and older teen volunteers to teach healthy boundary-setting and how to say no.

Two schools of thought offer advice on how to prevent teen pregnancies. Christians argue the best way to prevent unwanted pregnancies is by abstaining from sex. They go by the teaching that the procreative act should only take place within a marriage. More realistic sex educators assert the use of pregnancy-prevention aids and knowledge of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) will lower teen pregnancy rates.

Other strategies to prevent teen pregnancies are programs that strengthen parenting skills; referrals to reproductive and pregnancy-prevention workshops; and culturally-oriented programs that teach teen pregnancy-prevention in ways understandable to other cultures.

When you consider the fact 30% of teen girls or their parents choose to abort the pregnancy, pregnancy-prevention programs become a necessary and invaluable teaching tool. Federal and local funding of these programs must be kept at their current levels and increased as the economy recovers from a deep recession. It's important these programs remain in effect to reduce stress on the already over-burdened healthcare system

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